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9 Tips for Wellness Practice in the Spring

Spring is a season of renewal and transformation, the golden season in wellness practice.  There is a Chinese saying that “spring does not nurture, summer easily get disease.”  In the “Huangdi Neijing” it states “In the three months of spring, … Continue reading

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Preserve Health in Winter, Nourish the Kidney First

Preservation of Health in Winter,Nourish the Kidney First冬季养藏,补肾为先! Winter is the season of kidney. According to “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” (Huangdi Neijing): “The kidney is the foundation of sealed preservation, the place of essence.” Preserving both innate essence and … Continue reading

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Introduction to TCM Wellness Practice in Winter

Compiled by Kevin W CHEN According to Chinese lunar calendar it is the festival of starting winter today (立冬 November 7, 2021). In the agriculture society it is officially winter season. So what should we do differently in terms of … Continue reading

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