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Introduction to TCM Wellness Practice in Winter

Compiled by Kevin W CHEN According to “Yellow Empire’s Internal Classic“, “The winter months are the time for closure and preservation.”  That is, the three months in the winter are the season of all things closed and hidden. Our human … Continue reading

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Chinese Wisdom – Chinese Wisdom for Yang Sheng

[Chinese Wisdom] Chinese Wisdom for Yang Sheng Helen Hu, OMD 1. Keep silent in order for Nourishing Qi, closing eyes to restore blood, sleeping early to rejuvenate essence and keeping inner peace to raise spirit. 2. Fame seeking injures the … Continue reading

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From The Editor

[From The Editor] Welcome to the March-April issue of Yang-Sheng Magazine! This issue’s theme is Meditation vs Exercises, and as many of our fine and informative articles point out, this is an area of life where balance between passive and … Continue reading

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From The Editor

From The Editor Yang-Sheng magazine is growing by leaps and bounds. This is our second issue published bilingual in English and Chinese on printed paper. The first issue was a resounding success and we received abundant positive feedback from you:  … Continue reading

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How TCM Food Therapy Is Important Part of Yang Sheng

[TCM Food Therapy] How Traditional Chinese Food Therapy Is An Important Part of Yang Sheng by Helen Hu, OMD What is Yang Sheng? Yang sheng is a lifelong activity of various integrated practices both physical and nonphysical into one’s lifestyle … Continue reading

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Daoist Yang-Sheng: Preserving Life At All Costs

Experience Exchange Daoist Yang-Sheng: Preserving Life At All Costs by Neil Kingham Last year I was lucky enough to be able to spend the day at a series of conferences and workshops entitled ‘The Embodiment of the Dao: Daoist Yangsheng … Continue reading

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Seasonal Harmony

Seasonal Harmony by Ellasara Kling “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.” Hippocrates: Greek physician (circa — 460 BCE … Continue reading

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Longevity Eight Treasure Congee

Longevity Eight Treasure Congee by Dr. Helen Hu Chinese porridge or congee (Zhou: 粥) is a thick soup that is made from grains. There are various ways of making and serving congee, and no special skill is required. Congee can … Continue reading

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Healing Love

Taoists regard the orgasm as the combined essences of all the body’s vital organs. Each organ and gland participates in the orgasmic process as follows:

1. The five senses create an environment for an orgasm as we become aroused through particular sights, sounds, feelings, scents, and tastes. These external senses arouse our internal senses, which give rise to the essences that initiate an orgasm.

2. The brain receives the message of arousal from the outer senses and translates it, directing the body to create an orgasm from its best life-force energy. Continue reading

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