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A Comedy Moment
Book Reviews
Breathing In this Life
Echoes of Emptiness(虚之響)
Energy Healing Through Science & Spirit
Experience Exchange
Featured Article
Food as Medicine
From Dr. Love
From the Editor
From the Master
Healing Through Pleasure
Illuminating the Dao
Meditation in Motion
Method of Self-Healing
Methods to Improve Meditation
Mind-Body Medicine Research Update
Proverbs of Yang Sheng
Scientific Qi Exploration
Seasonal Harmony
Soul Salon
Stress Less
Tales of the Dao
TCM Food Therapy
The Taiji Examiner

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  1. I am interested in writing articles for your site.

    I have 30 years experience practicing, researching and teaching qigong.
    I have 20 year experience writing for martial arts magazines.

    Please see my qigong articles on my blog:

    Sal Canzonieri

    • Kevin Chen says:

      Hi, Sal,

      Thank you for your interest in contributing to Yang-Sheng network. Please email you sample writing to The deadline for next issue is 1st of April. Look forward to hearing from you. Refer to submission guideline for more details.