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Yang-Sheng merges traditional life-nurturing knowledge with modern scientific research and clinic evidence, and combines ancient wisdom with our own experience to support our daily practice and well-being,  and to reach true meaning of health in body, mind and spirit… Your contribution, participation, sharing and suggestions are truly appreciated.

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[From the Editor] By Michelle Wood welcomes you to the longevity Issue of  Yang-Sheng. Longevity is always the hot topic in Yang-Sheng and well-being, we have many excellent articles and practices for you in the holiday season.  Call for donations and volunteers.

Sharon Montes, M.D headshot[The Dancing Doc 舞医]  Living BIGGER, Better and Longer – Change your story of words and sensations by The Dancing Doc Sharon Montes, MD explores  how the language we speak affects our brain and health behaviors that contribute to longevity; how using our senses in a more integrated way could help us access the infinite in this moment; and how the integration of science and classical wisdom can promote not only longevity for humans but also for other inhabitants of this planet.

Kevin Chen[Longevity 长寿] The Five Golden Points in Human Body with Anti-Aging Effects Compiled by Kevin W Chen Around the human body you can find five great gold ratio points for health and longevity. Chinese medicine experts pointed out that frequent massage of these five golden points can slow down the aging process and energize life against aging.

Jill Gonet

Jill Gonet

[Learn about Dao 学道] Inspirational Instructions on Internal Cultivation from Sun Bu-Er, Taoist Adept of the Complete Reality School By Jill Gonet is excerpted from the author’s newly released volume, Riding the Phoenix to Penglai: Poetry By Taoist Adept Sun Bu-Er.  Sun Bu-Er was a Complete Reality School adept, who lived between 1119-1182 C.E. in Shandong Province (in Northern China) during the Jin Dynasty.  The poetry sequence to which this article refers presents an orderly course of study and practice for internal cultivators, one that includes guidance and instruction on breathing styles, points of focus, lifestyle decisions and choices, development of the elixir, and the way of spiritual development.

lilian_kluivers-zw-klein_thumb[Method of Self-Healing 自愈法] Stimulating our Longevity points by Lilian Kluivers gives us the next series of Do-In exercises to stimulate the Longevity points. This sequence of simple exercises to stimulate our energy flow through the so-called longevity points, acupoints that activate and restore yang energy, and are known by their power to remove obstructions and tonify Qi.

Kevin Chen Headshot[Featured Article 精选文章] Centenarian In-bed Health Exercises for Longevity (百岁床上保健功Translation and editing by Kevin W Chen, instructs through this in-bed health exercise which was introduced and taught by Mr. Kai-Shen Tsui in Taiwan, who was born in 1910.  He learned these simple but powerful exercises in 1934 from a Buddhist monk in Northern China but did not start formal or regular practice until he retired from a government job at the age of 66.  Now he is 104 years old, and still lives a healthy life.  He shares his longevity secrets on the internet.

Marty_Eisen_Snapshot_20110110[Experience Exchange 经验交流] In Lose Weight Fast by Marty Eisen, PhD, you can learn how to practice a specialized breathing method called The Senobi Breathing Method swhich peeds up metabolism can be done sitting or standing. The study (by K. Sato) found significant losses in body fat after just one month of regular practice. Senobi breathing is a simple form of Qigong, an ancient Chinese body/mind/ breath activity, which has been shown to help about 200 diseases, ranging from the common cold to cancer.

Ellasara Kling

Ellasara Kling

[Seasonal Harmony 季节之和谐] by Ellasara Kling shows how the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches the idea of following the seasons which flow one into another in an endless cycle; each season has its pattern of relationships and “rules” for its period of time as it waxes forth from the preceding season and wanes into the next. These relationships give us information about taking care of ourselves during Winter and for understanding some deeper meanings to experiences we may have.

Ellasara Kling[TCM Food Therapy 中医食疗]  The Effects of Common Foods by TCM, compiled by Ellasara Kling, offers a brief list of foods and spices found in nearly every kitchen, and their benefits toward health and wellness during these colder months of the year.

MartyEisen[Scientific Qi Exploration 气的科学探索] The Extraordinary Meridians or Vessels (Part 3)by Marty Eisen Ph.D. we learn the functions and uses of the Yin Heel (Qiao) Vessels (Mai), Yang Heel Vessels, the Yin and Yang Linking (Wei) Vessels that run the full length of the body from foot to head. If you have ever wondered why a headache, ear problem, epilepsy, or other symptoms are treated by acupuncturists via seemingly unrelated parts of the body, this will help you understand.

Kevin Chen Headshot[Research Update 科研动态] Mind-Body Medicine Research Updates compiled by Kevin Chen PhD, offers reports of studies done using practices of yoga, tai chi, and meditation to alleviate conditions such as PTSD, insomnia, migraine headaches, hypertension, cancer-related fatigue, and to improve bone density and muscle strength in elderly women.

Dr. Huber

Dr. Huber

[Topics in Research 研究课题]  What to Look for in a Vitamin By Dr. Colleen Huber, ND reprint discusses the need to choose wisely when it comes to vitamin and mineral supplements. Americans are now spending more than $17 billion per year on nutritional supplements and are usually not getting their money’s worth. First, the body does not recognize isolated molecules and usually does not metabolize them as effectively as from food sources. Second, isolated synthetic chemicals can be destructive to the body because the other constituents of the original food source are not there to buffer or mitigate the more extreme effects.

taichichuan[Experience Exchange 经验交流] Beautiful memories old and newer by Alan Sims shares a tale of visitation with his taiji master Mr. Jou at Rutgers University, and another at the Tai Chi Farm. He includes descriptions for exercises that are intense but in a subtle way. They don’t necessarily have flamboyant postures but are the epitome of the Tai Chi principles emphasized by Jou Tsung Hwa. Their precise nature of contraction and expansion, left-right, single and double footed balance, relaxation and tension, up and down rotations and all around opposites make for an entirely different way of training the body.

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