Introduction to Feng-yuan Bao & His Emotional-Release Therapy

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Introduction to Feng-yuan Bao and His

Emotional-Release Therapy with Mind-Wisdom Energy

Update in July 2019

Teacher Feng-yuan Bao


Teacher Feng-yuan Bao, the founder of Mind-Wisdom Energy (which has been very popular in China), has created the Emotional-Release Therapy (ERT — previously translated as Emotional-Soothing Therapy, or EST) to help thousands of people in China.   Through years of painstaking research and study on the consciousness philosophy and quantum physics, Teacher Bao combines the Eastern philosophical wisdom and Western scientific evidence for the effective integration of Einstein energy and material conversion science theory, based on his own experience and years of clinical practices, he put forward the theoretical points of view regarding the Mind-Wisdom Energy and ERT. Following are the highlights of his major social roles and positions:

  • Member of the Joint Growth Plan in The Society of Chinese Entrepreneurs;
  • Research fellow of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences;
  • Executive director of Chinese Preventive Medicine branch of China National Health Association;
  • Special guest of CCTV Securities Information program “Big Country’s Business Road”;
  • The 6th “Super Baby” expert judge of CCTV Middle-school Student Channel;
  • Winner of the Credible Entrepreneur Award in the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-up;
  • Winner of the Special Contribution Award in the 2017 Innovative China Great Health Industry Management & Social Responsibility;
  • The winner of education award in the Most Influential Innovator of The Times in China in 2017;
  • Author of 16 books in the education series of Mind-Wisdom, such as “Thought Changes Disease”, “Mind-Wisdom Energy”, “Changing Everything with Thoughts”, and “Right Brain Winning”, etc.
  • Founder of Beijing Mind-wisdom Home Culture Development co., LTD., and the Guangdong Mind-wisdom Home Charity Foundation.

In May 2019, teacher Bao published his first English book, Emotional Release Therapy,  It is available for order from

In the past decades teacher Bao has focused his study on the relationship between emotion and corresponding diseases, and has published more than 10 research articles in the national journals, such as 《The Road to Health》, 《Journal of Chinese Healthcare & Nutrition》. Two of the articles won the first prize.  He also published one English article in the International Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Mental Health in 2017; please read this publication by Teacher Bao on Examination of the Relationship between Emotional Disturbance and Tumors: Introduction to Emotional Soothing Therapy through Two-Case Studies of Uterine Fibroids.

The Starting Point of Mind-Wisdom Energy Research:

  1. Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), combined with the discussion of western medicine and psychology on the relationship between emotion and disease, the corresponding relationship between emotion and disease is studied.
  2. Energy is the most basic element in nature. Human life depends on energy. Everything we own or experience, including wealth, marriage, health, career, and interpersonal relationships, are all the results of material and energy interaction and exchange.
  3. A person’s life is made of cells, the cells store the past experience in the formation of the unique emotional memory, so that everyone can form one’s own individual unique life situation.
  4. The human body exists in a holographic form, and each relatively independent part of the body has a corresponding relationship with the overall internal organs and organs of the human body.
  5. The performance of everything is the result of interaction between internal cause and environment.
  6. Everyone is a member of the family system, at the same time, each person’s actions interact with other members of the family system, as causal relations in a state of “balance”.
  7. The existence of everything has its balance law and significance, so does the disease.

American students are eager to learn the ERT techniques (during 2017 TCM Wellness Tour)

ERT 20 minutes for a patient with diabetes,

Theoretical Perspectives of Mind-wisdom Energy:

  1. People’s ideological changes will generate emotions; strong emotions can form cell memory that guide blood flow with corresponding response in direction and location, which may form regular change or energy blockage in the body corresponding to related organs and siltation, resulting in decreased immunity, the body will result with disease or worse illness.
  2. As long as we can find the corresponding cell memory or mood point that affect health, apply the scientific method to effectively release the tension, clear and dissolve the “seeds,” dredge energy siltation of disease, we can achieve ascension of self-healing ability so as to ease and reduce the effect of the disease.
  3. The disease is reflection of the degree of energy deficiency or blockage, and the change of energy affects the progress of disease.
  4. During the process of life progress and extension, people will have a deep cellular memory of the emotion formed by experience, which may form primary diseases in the form of genetic inheritance.
  5. Disease is a way of expressing internal needs, a “need” formed in the process of socialization, and a result of the harmony and balance in nature.
  6. The human mind energy comes from the ideological realm, emotional treatment, family relations and genetic four aspects of the role and impact.
  7. The mood or emotion is not only the greatest consumption of mind-wisdom energy, but also produce confusion, physical illness, interpersonal disputes, family conflicts and social problems.
  8. Each family is a unique system. Disorder of family position-order or member’s “fault” will affect and influence the system, causing some members in the system to balance the system relationship in the form of “disease”.
  9. Disease is a part of life process; it is a kind of balance relationship among nature, society, family, and individuals. Experience of disease is an opportunity to better grasp or understand meaning of life, and is a reminder that we should change some mistakes or bigotry ideas.

Healing Methods of Mind-wisdom Energy:

  1. Through the scientific and effective “wake-up method”, “confronting method”, “Breathing skill”, and “resonance method”, we can detect the cell memory with unhealthy emotional memories, trace back to the origin, and release, dissolve or remove the emotion-mood “seeds” from patient’s emotional distress.
  2. Relieve the energy-blocking point of the disease so as to achieve the goal of pain-removal by dredging, non-invasive change and disease alleviation.
  3. In the process of reviewing life progress, we will help patients to change mind-wisdom, re-examine the relationship between life and disease and the relationship between human and nature, treat diseases correctly, understand respecting nature and life, loving others, and increase mind wisdom so as to increase immunity, stimulate the self-healing capability, and gain a healthy and rich life.

Teacher Bao Worked with some celebrities around the world. Up 2 photos, The USE’s seven-time Golf champion,Ismail Sharif suffered a left-arm injury and could not play Golf any more. After Bao’s one treatment, he returned to the pitch happily….

Teacher Bao is visiting the Eastern Coast of U.S. for a short time in October 2019.  In this trip, he is going to offer a special workshop in New York Open Center (Oct. 5-6), and one FREE seminar, and one two-day hand-on workshop in Baltimore, Maryland.  Please check out these rare opportunities to interact with teacher Bao, and to learn this unique health and healing technique:

A Special Workshop for General Public on Emotional Release Therapy in New York City  (October 5-6, 2019):

Free Seminar: Healthy Life Starts with Healthy Heart/Mind (Oct. 10, 2019):

— Explore the inner relationship between emotions and illness, and life.

  • Modern people are living a better life, why are there more diseases?
  • What is mind-wisdom medicine
  • Effects of mood-emotion on immunity
  • Change of your mindset can change your disease
  • The relationship between cancer and internal subconscious images
  • Is diabetes really a sugar-phobia?

>> October 10, 2019 Thursday evening, 7:00—9:30pm, Free seminar in Baltimore, MD — Conference Room at UMROI (Old Kernan Hospital), 2200 Kernan Dr.  Baltimore, MD  21207  (Free Parking).  If you are interested in, please register online at:

>> October 12-13, 2019 (Saturday & Sunday) One or Two-day hand-on ERT Workshop. If you are interested in more training of ERT with teacher Bao, you may join the hand-on training workshop on October 12-13 offered during Teacher Bao’s visit to the U.S. in October:

In order to let more people have opportunities to know and try Teacher Bao’s ERT, we break the two-day workshop into two one-day sessions for participants to choose from:

Day one is designed for general public to learn the basic principle and methods to find the relationship between emotions and disease, and how to apply this knowledge to your own health and life, including the possibility to become a volunteer to be interacted with Teaher Bao on emotional soothing process.

Day two is designed for the healthcare professionals who want to integrate the ERT into their practice, and for those who want to know how to apply ERT in specific health conditions. More training and practice of the hand-on ERT techniques, and more opportunities to ask critical questions to see how the teacher dissolve the problem from the perspectives of mind-wisdom energy.

You are encouraged to register both days to get a more complete training with Teacher Bao, as his regular training of ERT takes two 4-day training in China (A total of 8 days).

All participants will receive a free copy of the first edition of Teacher Bao’s new English book — Emotional Release Therapy. More copies of the book are available for purchase on site.

Registration fee includes the cost of entire day of training, lunch, and a copy of the ERT book. Registration before September 28 to get an early-bird discount. Group of 3 and senior will also have discount in registration.

Workshop of ERT in Baltimore, MD (Oct. 2018)

Coverage of  ERT with Mind-wisdom Energy Training Course (Paid Workshop): 

  1. Understand the theoretical basis and application principle of mind-wisdom medicine;
  2. Understand that disease is a balance between man and nature.
  3. Learn the principles and methods to find out corresponding emotions to different diseases;
  4. Learn how to relieve the energy blockage caused by emotion-mood;
  5. Learn to regulate and adjust some diseases caused by emotional disorders, such as cervical vertebra disease, hypertension, diabetes, headaches, insomnia, palace cold, cardiovascular, stomach, liver, lung, kidney area.
  6. Understand the human body parts: head, cervical, heart, pericardium, liver, lung, stomach, bravery, spleen, kidney, neck, ears, nose, eyes, knee, lumbar spine, bowel, breast, pancreatic, gynecology, cancer, diabetes, knee joint, the pancreas, teeth, the lower abdomen, back, thigh, calf, ribs, shoulders, legs, the sanjiao (triple energizer), elbow, wrist, five fingers, five toes and the corresponding relationship with emotions.
  7. Learn and understand some pathological feeling and disease symptoms: pain, pain, hemp, bilge, wind, wet, cold, itch, virtual, trapped, wake up, cold sweat, hallucinations, afraid of the wind, edema, swollen bursa, cough, nausea, vomiting, runny nose, sneezing, bad breath, snoring, burping, cramps, shortness of breath, fracture, anemia, calcium deficiency, discomfort, diarrhea, polyp, hyperplasia, tinnitus, asthma, bending, cold fever, irregular heartbeat and corresponding relationship with the mood.

Students practice ERT during training class in China.

For more information about Teacher Bao’s short visit to the U.S. (East Coast) in October 2019, please email to Dr. Kevin Chen, Qigong4us at hotmail dot com.

Workshop of Emotional Soothing Therapy by Teacher Bao in 2017 TCM Wellness Tour to China.


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