The Secret for Developing Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

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The Secret for Developing Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

Ken Andes,  L.Ac.

ESP has long been the research subject of parapsychology, and now few would doubt its existence.  Since ESP is a necessary part of being an effective energy healer, I’d like to talk more in depth about it here.  There’s a lot of B.S. and misconceptions about what ESP is, but I think that a proper understanding of what it exactly is will make it more accessible to you as a healer.

The term “ESP” simply implies the ability to perceive sensations that are normally not perceptible to the physical senses.  You need to keep in mind that our senses already block out over 90% of the sensory input that we receive during the day otherwise we would not be able to process information efficiently.  ESP is the ability to perceive this other dimension of sensory input which includes information from the energetic/metaphysical realm.  When you see ESP as merely expanding your perception of sensory stimuli to extend into the other 90% that everyone else does not see, you will realize that there is nothing mystical or supernatural about ESP.  It is a part of instinctual human functioning that has been suppressed over the years due to disuse.  It can easily be reawakened with the right training.

So what exactly is it that is suppressing your ability to perceive sensations on a metaphysical (beyond the physical) level?

What is keeping you from perceiving that which exists on the energetic plane is a noisy state of being.  A noisy state of being is where your mind (your internal dialogue) won’t shut up and is constantly thinking extraneous thoughts.  How can you hear the whisper of the metaphysical when the volume in your head is deafeningly loud?

A noisy state of being is where your body is full of tension, stiffness, and discomfort.  How can you feel the delicate pulse of the formless Universal when you are too preoccupied with the rigidity of your physical form?

A noisy state of being is where your emotions are being constantly pulled and pushed by what you judge to be right or wrong in this world, which by the way, never has any grounding in objective reality and is always dependent of social factors, cultural factors, and self interest.  All of the ancient traditions talk of this emotional slavery to illusory concepts as the root of human suffering.  How can you feel the spirit of the Universal that flows through all of creation, when your own spirit is being tortured by illusion?  Please think carefully on this because it is so important.

It is only when your entire being reaches a state of quiet stillness that you will begin to naturally and effortlessly manifest ESP.  And ESP must be manifested from a state of naturalness and effortlessness; otherwise it will be contrived and artificial; devoid of any real substance.

The development of real ESP has nothing to do with learning new skills because you already have the ability.  You were born with it and it can never truly leave you.  The development of real ESP has everything to do with stripping away the burdens of mental noise, physical tension, and attachment to desires.

The most effective tool I have found to achieve these goals is the correct practice of meditation with attention paid to the three centers of being.  Proper breathing (spirit), proper posture (body), and proper focus (mind).  But it is not enough to dwell in stillness for a few minutes a day when meditating, only to go back into madness outside of your meditation space.  The principles of stillness and meditation must flow into your everyday life and become part of you.  You must be vigilant.  You must pay attention.

Pay attention.  There again is the mantra of the energy healer.  You must pay constant attention to the state of your mind, body, and spirit throughout your whole life.  You cannot pay attention when you are always absorbed in your own drama.  You must let go of that because it has never served you anyway.  And just as a seed will eventually blossom into a flower, so will your being eventually come to a state of constant and effortless stillness.

With this stillness you will live your life as you did before, yet from a foundation of detachment, contentment, relaxation, and mental silence.  No more noise.  No more excess tension.  No more emotional slavery to illusion.

It is at this point that you become like a body of water that is completely still.  You can come to this body of water and the drop of the smallest pebble will cause it to react immediately.  This….THIS is what ESP is!  ESP is the result of the transformation of an ocean of turbulent water where even the dropping of a Mac truck will not make a difference, to that of completely still waters that are sensitive to the slightest stimuli.

When you reach this level through the practice of meditation, you will now have to make an effort to not display ESP.  Colors and sounds will be different.  You will feel a distinct “dance” in the air around you that cannot be put into words.  It’s like describing light to a man that was born blind.  And yes, seeing auras, hearing thoughts, diagnosing through intuition, clairvoyance, and basic psychic phenomena will become commonplace to you.

Go meditate.  Have fun.


[Dr. Ken Andes, L.Ac, D.Ac. (RI) is a licensed acupuncturist, board certified herbalist, and medical qigong instructor.  Dr. Andes has practiced various qigong for over 14 years, and he serves as vice-president of WISH and runs a private medical practice in Suffern, NY.]

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