Guideline for Submissions

Yang-Sheng (Nurturing Life) accepts unsolicited submissions from professional and amateur writers, artists and practitioners, both original article/media, and those previously published (with copy-right clearance). For a good sense of our format, style and content, it is recommended to read some of the articles first. After that, here is a general guideline to assist you in developing your contribution to the E-magazine and network.


We are looking for featured articles, brief essay, life stories or experience, wisdom sharing, and “how-to” tips,  as well as new media like photograph, painting, and short videos, which fall under the broad concept of “nurturing life,” “self healing,” “daily well-being practice” and “mind-body-spirit integration”.

We are promoting the philosophy and culture of self-healing, positive mind and health preservation, and shares knowledge and experiences with each other. We are not only looking for articles or contribution on traditions, histories, famous practitioners, practical methods, and reviews; but also on innovations, new approaches and applications, as well as anecdotal stories about implications of Yang Sheng principles to your own life and family or communities. We believe the stories of ordinary persons in quiet corners of the world, improving their health, well-being, and spirituality with the daily practices, are sometimes more interesting and relevant than the historical figures or current teachers who introduced them.

Short stories, brief instruction and practical tips are always welcomed.


We do not have specific requirement on style, as long as it reads well, has interesting point(s), and is easy to understand.

Our regular columns run about 500 to 2500 words. Shorter submissions are encouraged. For a featured article we can run up to 3500 words. If you are unsure where your article fits in please send us an email about your subject and what you want to say and we can offer you some feedback and help you make it fit.

Images are always welcome (and encouraged) be they photos or line images. Please send them as tiff files or jpg file if possible.

We have decided to use the modern pinyin system for spelling Chinese words. This is the system used in China and by most scholars in the West as well and, for the most part, makes if much easier to sound out Chinese words (as in Dao, taiji, yi jing, etc.) With that in mind, we will be editing all articles that use the older Wade Giles system to pinyin.

Author(s) should include a brief biosketch about himself/herself at the end of the submission if possible so that readers would be better informed on where the article comes from.

In addition, we request that all submissions be properly cited (given references whenever possible). We suggest the APA, or Chicago style systems, but you are free to choose other citation system.

Copy Rights:

If your piece is accepted for publishing at Yang Sheng, we acquire the non-exclusive, one-time, publication rights to the accepted pieces. Authors continue to own the rights and are free to sell or license the ‘Work’ elsewhere. However we retain the right to keep the materials archived on the site for readers in the future.

However, the editors of Yang-Sheng reserve the right to make necessary editing and modification to all submissions before publication.  If you need the final approval before publication, please let us know.


While we cannot afford to pay for articles at this moment, as we are a free publication, we can offer reduced rates or outright free advertising for our contributors. Please see our ad rates and sizes for more information.

As the magazine grows we hope to be able to offer payments and honorariums in the future for featured articles. Payments and considerations for solicited material will be handled on an individual basis.

Please send your submission (as attachment) to


Thank you very much for your support !

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