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Yang-Sheng (Nurturing Life) is an E-magazine and online network run by the non-profit World Institute for Self Healing (WISH), lead by Dr. Kevin Chen in the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  Our long-term goal is to make Yang Sheng — the systematic health management and self care, based on traditional Chinese medicine practice and scientific research evidence — the part of regular healthcare and personal growth, by empowering the consumers, and those who are willing to take care of themselves, and to make “Health Management” a new profession, and a health discipline, which will be complementary to the current medicine, but beyond disease models!

Currently we are looking for some interns or part-time helpers in the following areas.  This will be excellent opportunities for students or trainees of Journalism, business and public health to practice what they learned in school, and to learn something new and practical when serving the health and well-being community.  We are also welcoming the retired professionals to join us to contribute their expertise to the things they love…..  The compensation is small but the experience will definitely help landing a future job. (Two of our previous interns have landed full-time jobs when working with us).  Some of the positions have the potential to grow into a real job in the near future once we get capital investment.internship

1) Layout editor with some arts/graphic design — use “MS Publisher” software (or other software) to design and layout each issue of magazine (60-70 pages each), add appropriate images and other arts work.  Make the final PDF version of magazine look good and professional. ($100 per issue).

2) Social media coordinator or specialist — help promotion and coordination of posting magazine articles and related multimedia files, including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin; create new posters or images that represent the ideas the magazine is promoting, and make sure the contents of magazine or related news being posted and exposed to our potential readers. (Minimum 4 hours/week, $80 per month)

3) Marketing Journalist — help selling display ads for the web site and PDF magazine, and search for related materials to be used in the magazine and web site ($50 a month plus commission of the sales — the percentage of commission is negotiable)

4) Web Manager — help uploading the edited articles to our web site within WordPress environment, review and approval comments, coordinating the reader-editor correspondence on the website, collection of new contents and links from frequent web searches, and give the new findings to editor or post them to the web site. Help improving the general web images and increasing traffic for the magazine. ($80 per issue)

These positions can be combined if someone wants to do more than one jobs.  Please send an email with resume and cover letter to Dr. Kevin Chen at Qigong4us at hotmail dot com, or if you are interested in doing any of the jobs.  Prior experience will help, but not a must.  We are looking for a few motivated individuals who are willing to learn, to work, and to collaborate with others, and who intend to make a difference in career through their own hard-work. Thank you very much for your interests and for passing the information around.

Best wishes to your life and career!


The Yang-Sheng Team 


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