October 2011

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Yang-Sheng (Nurturing Life) is an E-magazine and a network for all Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki, mindfulness and meditation practitioners, health seekers, and spiritual cultivators. It promotes philosophy and methods of self-healing, positive mind and health preservation, and shares knowledge and experiences with those who are interested in the subjects and their applications in everyday life.

Yang-Sheng merges traditional life-nurturing knowledge with modern scientific research and clinic evidence, and combines ancient wisdom with our own experience to support our daily practice and well-being,  and to reach true meaning of health in body, mind and spirit… Your contribution, participation, sharing and suggestions are truly appreciated.

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Highlight’s October 2011 Issue (Volume 1, No.8)

From the Editor Introduction to the theme of this issue, Food as Medicine, by Guest-Editor for October and Yang-Sheng Associate Editor, Dr. Helen Hu. –   “Return to nature,” and “humans and nature are one.” TCM teaches “food and herbs come from the same source.”  By using natural foods and herbs the body’s energy is restored.… Continue reading →

[Featured Article] Seasonal Harmony with Natural Whole Foods by Ellasara Kling —Creating and maintaining health occurs primarily as a result of our daily activities (mental/emotional/physical). Primary among these is something that we are fortunate enough to do regularly: eat. But how do we know what to eat for good health? Continue reading →

Digestion Weakness and Chinese Rice Ginger Zhou (Congee) by Michael Rinaldini (Li Chang Dao) Overcoming digestive weakness with the principles of TCM food therapy. This past summer was a digestive nightmare for me. I have a history of Spleen Qi deficiency or the clinical manifest as Irritable Bowel Syndrome by … Continue reading →

[Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen] Some Like It Hot, Others Do Not by Yuan Wang, OMD, Warren Sheir and Mika Ono      —A food’s “temperature” is one of the most important factors. The Eastern concept of temperature includes the physical temperature of food, hot or cold, but also effects on the body, such as increasing metabolism until you break a sweat or cooling until you feel the tingle of chills. Continue reading →

[Ask Dr. Ken] Overcoming Diseases Through Nutrition by Ken Andes, L.Ac. — “If a person is diseased, he should be treated with food first. If food treatment fails to work, then use herbs.” quote from Bian Que, Famous TCM Physician. Understanding nutrition and food therapy is the most important component of TCM health care. Dr. Andes offers the wisdom of uncommon common sense as well as the principles of TCM as guidelines for following a healthy diet. … Continue reading →

[From Dr. Love] Pain Killing Properties of Culinary Herbs by George Xavier Love, OMD  — Cure a toothache with cloves; tame chronic pain with turmeric, heal heartburn with cider vinegar; chase away joint and headache pain with cherries.  Learn about the healing properties of these and other culinary herbs and spices. 

The Natural Color of Whole Food and Its Healing Power By Dr. Martin Eisen —Black Color Prunes Strengthen Bones!  Red Color Cayenne Pepper Can Stop A Heart Attack!  Prunes not only prevent bone loss, but also reverse it and research sheds new light on capsaicin’s relationship to heart function… Continue reading →

[Topic in Research] Chinese Bigu ( 避谷) for Yang Sheng by  Martin Eisen, Ph.D. —  What is Bigu? In Chinese “Bi” means to stop or avoid, and “Gu” means grain, including rice, corn or wheat. Therefore, Bigu means to avoid grain or stop eating … Continue reading →

[Featured Article] A Qigong Teacher Explains How to Cook via the P.C.T.P. Method by Raven Cohan —The left brained way of starting with A and then moving through each successively lettered step, is limiting you, according to Ms. Cohen.  That’s how most recipes in cook books are written. To be a creative being, you must act like one!  Let the art of life awaken. Continue reading →

[The Tales from Dao] On Eating by Solala Towler —  “A Master was traveling with some of her students. At one of their stops they were served the meat of a pig. The students were horrified to see the Master calmly eating this forbidden food. … Continue reading →

Research Update (10/11) Mind-Body Medicine Research Update * The effect of supervised Tai Chi intervention compared to a physiotherapy program on fall-related clinical outcomes: a randomized clinical trial. * Community-based Yang-Style Tai Chi is safe and feasible in chronic stroke. • Effect of green tea and Tai Chi on bone health in postmenopausal osteopenic women.  • On the Relationship Between the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation and Personality • A review focused on the psychological effectiveness of tai chi on different populations. … Continue reading →

[Proverbs of Yang-Sheng 养生格言] Qigong SayingsInspiring quotations for living a healthy life from the Huang Di Nei Jing (Su Wen), The Book of Changes (Zhou Yi Yi Jing), the philosopher, Zhuang Zi, Sun Simiao, ancient Chinese doctor, and more reading →

TCM Food Therapy for Diabetes by Helen H. Hu, OMD, L.Ac. — Diabetes Mellitus is a syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from impaired insulin secretion and /or effectiveness. There are three types (patterns) of Xiao Ke (diabetes) classified by Chinese Medicine. Dr. Hu explains the causes and patterns of Diabetes according to TCM and offers insights on food therapy for diabetics and delicious recipes. Continue reading →

[Breathing in This Life] Women’s Empowerment in an Age of Illness, Part 2 What Yoga Can Do for You by Ginger Garner MPT, ATC — One of the ways that women can be empowered to take control of their health (and life) is through the ancient holistic practice of yoga. It prevents and treats injury and illness, and looks at health through a preventive and not just a pathophysiological lens.  Continue reading →

[Healing Through Pleasure] The Sexual Dynamic Healing Through Gender Awareness by Felice Dunas, Ph.D. — Maximizing one’s healthy sexual expression can strengthen health and create greater harmony in family and society. “Those who understand the nature of sex will nurture their vigor and prolong their life.  Those who treat its principle with contempt will injure their spirit and shorten their life.”… Continue reading →

[Energy Medicine through Science and Spirit] How Can Bio-Energy be Measured? by Cindy Cicero –The article explains a Duke\Rhine Research Center recent lab bio-emissions experiment that Cindy Cicero participated in with interesting results. You can watch a video in the article to explain the procedure.… Continue reading →

[Stress Less] Introduction to Trypnaural Meditation and Brainwave Entrainment by Niraj Naik, M.Pharm. —Around 80% of all illnesses are due to prolonged stress. Niraj Naik explains the stress response, types of stress, the effects on our body and how brainwave entrainment meditation can bring you into the states where balance is restored. … Continue reading →

[Meditation in Motion] Taiji – Stages of Development by Eric Borreson — Tai Chi is an experiential exercise. You can read about it; think about it; but in the end, you just have to DO IT! There are three stages of development: 1: practice your external movements. 2: practice how energy is stored and delivered. Stage 3: practice moving your qi.

[Book Review] Embrace Tiger , Return to Mountain The Essence of Tai Ji reviewed by Sal Casano, R.N. Ph.D. – This book will bring a smile to your face, a feeling of peace to your spirit, and sense of warmth as you are taken on an experiential journey of the true essence of taiji with a master teacher. … Continue reading →

Download the October 2011 issue of YANG-SHENG as a PDF

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