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Yang Sheng is one of the most important concepts in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is the root of Chinese medicine.  However, this magazine or network is not about Chinese medicine, but about the common accessible practices for ordinary people to cultivate health and harmony through daily activities. Rather than treating disease, the focus of Yang Sheng is on maintaining balance through an awareness of our connection to nature, to our own bodies, and to the spirit. We just use the concept of TCM to promote the idea that Yang Sheng is a way of life for all people at all times….

Yang-Sheng magazine will merge the TCM knowledge with scientific research and clinic evidence, and combine ancient wisdom with our own experience to support our daily practice and wellbeing, and to reach true meaning of health in body, mind and spirit.

We welcome input from healing modalities other than Chinese traditions. We are interested in seeing articles and research on such health fields as meditation, yoga, reiki, TM, positive psychology, nutrition, herbology, guided imagery, self-applied massage, aryurveda and Western alchemical practices. They will help us build a bridge between East and West, and between the ancient wisdom and modern life!

Your contribution, participation, sharing and suggestions are truly appreciated!

Mission Statements

  • To build up a virtual community for all qigong, taiji, yoga, reiki, meditation practitioners, and other spiritual cultivators. To share experience and knowledge, to support each other’s practice, and to illuminate higher spirituality.
  • To create a network and platform for those who are seeking health, happiness, longevity and harmony in life through their own effort, sharing and exploration.
  • To promote self-healing, self-empowerment and positive mind power through feasible daily practice and effective clinical applications.

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Sharing Is Power and Sharing Is Virtue

To become a true Yang Sheng practitioner or a mind-body cultivator one needs the guidance of good teachers. When good teachers are not around, we can learn from each other by sharing and exchange. IN ancient time teachers and students interacted with each other through long-distance travel and face-to-face meetings, which was the key to their personal cultivation, life fulfillment and truth illumination.  However, with our modern technology and communication tools (especially the development and widespread use of the Internet), we can be much better connected to one another, and have our own voices heard and our own platform of sharing. Yang Sheng will become such a platform or community to connect those like-minded practitioners of mind-body exercise, spiritual cultivators and health/happiness seekers.

However, for many true mind-body-spirit cultivators, internet is still a stranger. Some of them do not have the luxury to access internet, and some of them would rather spend time meditating or cultivating instead of browsing around. Therefore, it is important for us to keep the traditional means of a magazine – the monthly issue in PDF format at this moment, as part of our virtual community or network, so that their students or friends can bring a printed copy of the “Yang Sheng” magazine to them, get their feedbacks, and include them into this worldwide network of mind-body-spirit cultivators. So we truly appreciate your sharing of Yang-Sheng magazine and its articles with your friends and social networks, which will be the foundation for Yang-Sheng to grow and develop.

Please send your contributions or suggestions to editor@yang-sheng.com

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