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Yang-Sheng is an E-magazine and a network run by the non-profit World Institute for Self Healing, Inc. (WISH, a 501(c)(3) organization registered in New Jersey).  All our writers, editors and contributors are volunteers since we do not have a stable financial support at this moment.  Yang-Sheng promotes philosophy and methods of self-healing, positive thinking and health preservation, which represents a new direction of future medicine and healthy living.  However, we are young and our resources are very limited, especially in light of our dreams and vision.  Since no one can really profit from a self-healing system except for practitioners themselves, our programs are largely run by volunteers, sponsors and donations.  To help Yang-Sheng survive and develop your generous contribution is urgently needed.  Your financial contributions will help Yang-Sheng and WISH to continue its course to advance a completely new medicine and to build a unique community of our own that is dedicated to a healthy, happy and harmonious life for all!

Additional funding is needed to:

  • Purchase high-quality copy-righted images to vitalize the magazine and web site
  • Make the contents of Yang-Sheng available in other media – an audio and video enhanced publication, available in many forms and multiple ports.
  • Pay for experts and professional writers in the special field to write special columns or tips, and answer commonly-concerned questions for our readers (such as web seminars)
  • Pay for translation service or software to make Yang-Sheng available in other languages, especially in Chinese and Spanish, and translate more of proverbs, tips and stories of Yang Sheng from Chinese into English.
  • Pay for professional management staff to run daily editing and communication business with appropriate compensation so that they are dedicated to what they are doing for us.
  • Build a more professional web site with online database and information tips to guide people daily life-nurturing and mind-body practice in different situations and healthy conditions.
  • Publish Yang-Sheng magazine both online and in-print to let more people have access to the life-nurturing knowledge and to share their experiences.
  • Initiate online support networks and database for healthcare professionals to search for appropriate mind-body medicine and life-nurturing practices.
  • Sponsor lectures, workshops and conferences on life-nurturing related subjects

Your donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law

Make Your Donation online here:


or Make Contribution by mail with following information:

Your Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

City:     _________________________________________________

State (or province) and Zip:  _________________________________________

Telephone: ________________________________________________

Email:  _______________________________________________________

Here is my contribution of

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Please make check or money order payable to WISH, or make a donation by Paypal with credit card (A receipt will be mailed to you after receiving your donations).

Mail your check and money order with this form to :

World Institute for Self Healing Inc. (WISH)
P.O. Box  1976
Ellicott City,  MD  21041


Thank you very much for your support!


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