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We welcome readers to recommend web sites or links that may interest the community of mind-body-spirit integration, self-healing and health-happiness-harmony.

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“Can group meditation bring world peace?” – Many had doubt to answer this question. The quantum physicist, Dr. John Hagelin, explores this question with some experimental evidences – the group sizes of meditation are highly correlated with other’s perceived quality of life, and number of violence on that day….


Optimism, music and longevity:

At age of 107, Alice Herz-Sommer is the oldest living survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, which did not change her passion for music and life at all. Watch her inspirational story of music and optimism in this video…

It is said that happy people live longer… is it true?

Find it out from the people in Okinawa, Japan, a short video from the documentary “Happy” — Director Roko Belic tells us a little about the people of Okinawa and their secret to longevity!


Epigenetics- How Does it Work?

Epigenetics findings support the mind-body connection and mind healing in cancer research…. Beliefs and attitudes can control Epigenetics!


“Seeing Around”

Talk about body-mind integration or positive mind power, Ben Underwood’s story shows us how a positive-minded person can live a normal life without vision….


No arms, no legs, no worries

“Attitude is everything!” Happiness is really the result of a personal choice. As long as you focus on what you have, and be grateful of what you have, don’t demand what you don’t have, you will find more happiness than ever, especially after you watch about the story of Nick…

Evidence of health benefits of mind-body practice – a 116 year-old Daoist practitioner

Born in the 19th year of Emperor Guangxu’s Reign of the Qing Dynasty (1893), he is 116 years old. His name is Lu Zijian and he lives in Chongqing City, Sichuan Province, China. Despite his age, he is healthy and lithe. (in Chinese)


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