Breathing In This Life-Introduction

Introduction to Blog/Column

Breathing In This Life, Support for Women & Mothers

Ginger Garner

Every blog has one, a flavor that is. Some blogs more focused than others, some happy, some bitter, some nonsensical, some seemingly necessary, some helpful, some hurtful, some teaching self indulgence and gossip, some demonstrating healthy moderation and enjoyment of a life with less (stuff).

I want to let everyone know about the flavor of my blog, Breathing In This Life. Hopefully you will find your way here, either through knowing me, PYTS, or through a search engine. However you have found your way here though, I want to get to know you.
Please take a moment to sign up for my blog! I think you’ll want to when you find out what it is all about.

The Flavor of Breathing In This Life:

  • Is for Everyone, especially Women & Mothers
  • Learning about Living without the Complexities of Life (aka living without gym memberships, protein shakes, complicated diets, scripted lives and rigid schedules, etc)
  • Overcoming Chronic Illness & Pain through my methods of therapy
  • Women’s Rights (Health Care & health care reform, Education, & of their Own Bodies)
  • Mother’s Workplace Rights & Wages (whether in or outside the home)
  • Getting Involved (with organizations who help women and children)

You will learn about

  • Creating Ideal Health – Revitalize, Renew, & Rebuild Your Health
  • Setting boundaries to protect and honor personal and family time
  • The latest in cutting edge CAM (complementary and alternative medicine)

All in all, the flavor of Breathing In This Life boils down to this:

  1. throwing your arms around those priorities and persons in your life which you love and need,
  2. excluding what is not absolutely necessary,
  3. using circumstances in your life to reflect & craft your Best Self.

I hope you will continue to enjoy this blog! If you do, please show your support by joining and signing up as a supporter! I can use your support to perpetuate the Good News!

Grace and Peace,

*photo taken this summer while on annual retreat to the NC Mountains with my husband and children, at Valle Crucis Park

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