Daoist Web Of Power

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Daoist Web Of Power

Dr Dennis Alexander

Have you  ever wondered about our connection to The Universal Life Force as Daoists?   Think no more, here it is:Web_Picture

“The Web Of Power.”

There are steps to connecting to the Divine, we gather Earth energy and Heavenly energy and bring them down the front of our bodies, the repeat this mantra bringing the energy down the backs of our bodies and also down the center of our bodies flowing through our Baihui down our Taji Pole and into our Lower Dantian. We connect Divine Energy to fill our Shen so that we might work with Touch, Breath, Hand and Name of the Divine, we fill our Qi so that the room is filled with Divine Energy and we fill our Jing with Divine energy so that we will work with Divine Energy all this day.

Now, here is the juicy part. In the 1940’s there was a Polygraph operator in Chicago named Frank who had a slow day and decided to run a small experiment on a large Dieffenbachia plant. He connected the electrodes to a leaf and watched the needle lay still on the moving paper, nothing happened. “I know this plant is living and thus should register some sign of active life,” he thought. Then, “I know, my secretary smokes, I’ll get a match and burn the leaf.” When he did, the needle jumped all over the paper! “Oh my gosh! It is registering!” He decided to write a bio-abstract on his discovery and it was published in the Polygraph Press Magazine.

David, a Polygraph Operator in Los Angeles read the article and decided he would try the same experiment. However, much to dismay, he got no reaction from his plant. He called Frank and told him what he had done, and how he followed Frank’s directions in the abstract to the letter. “Tell me David, did you intend to burn the plant?” Frank asked. “Well, no.” David replied. “That may have been the issue,” suggested Frank. Now we all believe intention is the message here. Wrong! Frank thought “I will burn the leaf,” and the needle jumped.  The plant read his mind!Web_Picture4

Now, consider this if you connect with a tree, a bush, a blade of grass, and request its aid in working or healing, you may be surprised to know that your power has increased.  Each plant is connected to the plant next to it, and to every other plant, and to every plant on this Green Planet. How many Green Planets do you think there are in the vast Universe?! Now how’s your power?

My gardens are full of family. Great Grand Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, on and on. We and the plants are Family and we work together in that Web Of Power.

As I traveled down a road in Istanbul, Turkey, I sent this thought to the trees we were passing: “I know you, we worked together on my cancer patient this morning. Thank you for your help.”


Denise_Picture5Dr. Dennis Alexander, DMQ is an Oncologist, teaching and practicing medicine in St. Petersburg Florida, he is also a Usui, Karuna and Shamballa Reiki Master, and is also a Daoist Priest and a Shaman. His practice at the Sentient Temple Inc. is a Natural Medicine and Medical Qigong along with Nutrition.  He can be found at www.alexanderhealing.com


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