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Cool Qi Heals

by Sifu Cindy Cicero

Can cool Chi energy heal?

In the past, “Cool Energy” reminded me of my earlier days in defense contract work at Litton Industries.

This was a challenging time when technology was all about thin film components used in our military aircraft.  The challenge was we just couldn’t get pass the “heat” factor produced by the aircraft’s environment on our very small microcircuit units.  It was this excess of heated energy that needed to be cooled.

These special military aircraft went experienced major temperature swings while in operation.  And if the temperature could be maintained in a “cooled way” then we could have functional integrity of the micro components.

In my world today, “Cool Energy” is all about using a cool temperature bio-energy method that releases the excess heat buildup in the mind and body.

We all build various amounts of daily excess stress in our bodies which in turn produces a “heat” factor.  And it’s this “heat” build up in our body that sends the message to our brain to produce more energy.  The more energy demand the more heat produced.  It’s the energy demand which depletes our precious bio-energy.  This heat factor rises to an excessive level that “wears us out” physically and mentally.

Every to do list and every concerned thought adds emotional fatigue “more stress” than the human body can handle.  Do to the over stimulation of our mental or physical activities create excessive “heat”, which breaks down our health in so many different ways.

And as this adds up over time, to put it plainly, we just don’t feel so good…

Can Cool “Chi” energy be the answer to reduce and eliminate excessive “heat” to heal our mind and body?  Can we wake up feeling good and stay cool minded as we move through our busy days…

Yes, we can learn to maintain a cool temperature that relaxes & heals the body and mind.   Please just read on and find out…

First, “What is Chi or Bio-Energy?”

Chi Energy Heals Instructor Don Brown cites:

“Although surrounded by ancient mysticism, chi is that which Western scientists have called the Quantum field.  The theories are markedly similar when compared side-by-side.  Each [Chinese Mysticism and Quantum Mechanics (1)] speaks of an energy field made up of tiny particles that comprise everything, and move through everything.

Looking at it from a scientific point of view, the shroud of mystery is removed and an objective, scientific perspective remains.

With the understanding that chi, synonymous with quantum particles, makes up everything and moves through every object, it logically extends that human beings are also made up of these small particles and as both camps postulate, this energy moves through everything.

In the movie, the “Matrix”, it is proposed that: “The human body generates more bio-electricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 BTU’s of body heat”(2).

This is a form of energy.

““According to the Center for Space Power and Advanced Electronics, a NASA commercial center in Alabama, the human body is capable of producing 11,000 watt hours.  Broken into usable terms, waiting to be harvested are 81 watts from a sleeping person, 128 from a soldier standing at ease, 163 from a walking person, 407 from a briskly walking person, 1,048 from a long distant runner, and 1,630 from a sprinter, according to the center””.(3)

Heated temperatures & Cool Chi

To aid in understanding heat & cool Chi or bio-energy on a personal level:

Let’s say when you are “hot under the collar” or perhaps experiencing intense thoughts, concerns and\or fearful emotions,  it is at that time that your body releases of a flood of fight and flight hormones.   This release of hormones, creates a high demand for more energy because of the increased stress on the body.

If “left unmanaged” — Heat builds up.  This is the buildup that breaks down the body and mind and leads to many different types of illness and disease.

Over time we just get accustomed to or ignore the little warning signs of fatigue and frustration from our multitasking & “always on the go” activity.  After “being in our heads” all day, we can sometimes forget how to think straight or make a choice about dinner — .

You see our brains really never stop producing heat.  And when we push out of our comfort zone the nervous system sends a message for more energy.  Accordingly the mind and body and feeds the demand to produce more energy.  If we never relax down   then brain keeps the fire burning till the mind & body is mentally and physically exhausted.

We need to give ourselves the time to learn to relax and get our joy back with a cool bio-energy for body and mind.

Here is way to feel the immediate benefits of cool chi energy

1. Go to the freezer take out a least two ice packs

2. Wrap them in kitchen towels

3. Put one curled up on the back nape of your neck & head

4. Put the other one on your chest area

5. Relax down and read more about how “Cool Chi Heals”

You start to feel relaxed and cooled down

after applying the cool packs, while experiencing a calm alertness.  This results because you have released daily excess heat and lowered your heart rate and blood pressure.

You may have even thought you were already relaxed however by just using this physical cool method you relax even deeper.  Relaxation is the key to using bio-energy for healing.    This is an alternative method that has immense benefits to the mind and body’s health and longevity.

Nice and Cool…

Now to handle daily heat build up from stress, learn to simply “cool down”.  By cooling your bio electrical system you’re adding years to your life!

By cooling down the body, the mind understands the routine of taking a time out for relaxation.  You’ll actually go out of your way and remember to use the “icepacks”.

It’s the cause and effect of being able to shift into a good and cool feeling that is so desirable, producing great effects for your health simply because you cooled down…

At the School of Chi Energy Heals we teach how to maintain emotional stability “on command” using a cool bio-energy.

To accomplish this we’ve developed a “Tri-concept” method.  It’s the artful skill in combining “Three Qualities”.  The first two are “a good feeling and a cool temperature.  Last and most important quality is learning to build the presence of an “Energy Form” while maintaining a good feeling & cool – mind & body.

This is a step by step process….

Energy healing skills are taught based on two important and specific attributes blended into bio-energy chi exercises.   It’s the good feeling & cool temperature blend that cools the “Chi” that is naturally “heated bio-energy”.

When the body’s endocrine system responds to cooling down it releases serotonin, cortisol and other hormones that are anti-inflammatory.  And the body continues to release cool pheromones, which activate Natural Killer cells that keep the immune system in optimal balance.

The chi energy exercises are simple and easy to learn low impact aerobic exercises that build high levels of bio-energy in your body’s nerve fiber system.

You’ll learn step by step how to feel the temperature, emotional content and pressure and density of this electromagnetic bio-energy.  Through training you become sensitive and physically feel the energy while learning to create highly specialized healing forms that are very easy to learn.

Best of all, you’ll be able to use your bio-energy healing forms to command emotional stability with a good feeling and cool energy to heal the body & mind, at any time.

Being able to heal yourself and others at the cellular level with a good feeling and cool bio-energy is a gift of health that keeps giving back.

And it answers the question “Can Cool chi energy heal?”…    Just ask yourself how you feel right now — after using the 4 steps to cooling your body and mind.

Instructor Don Brown’s interpretation of our cool chi method:

“The idea of keeping my energy “cool” was an abstract concept that was particularly

difficult to grasp.   At the time, I had not realized that chi/electromagnetic energies

have physical temperatures; nor did I realize the cause and effect relationship between

“hot” chi and the physical manifestations of strained muscles, internal discomforts,

and disruptive energies exacerbating interpersonal relationships.”(4)

Below is just one more excellent example of how the body and mind can relax with a cool and good feeling virtual world to manage pain instead of depending on pharmaceutical drugs.

Virtual-Reality Video Game To Help Burn Patients Play Their Way To Pain Relief —

Science Daily (Mar. 22, 2008)

“To a patient recovering from severe burns, no place would be more soothing than a polar landscape of gently falling snowflakes, snowmen, penguins, igloos and icy rivers.

The Snow World software was designed by Hunter G. Hoffman, Ph.D., and David Patterson, Ph.D., research scientists in Seattle, who were both motivated by their concern for the pain, fear and anxiety that children and teenagers experience when undergoing therapy for burn injuries.”

The virtual-reality system eases pain of treatment by immersing burn patients in a wintry, computer-generated environment.

Its interactive, multi-sensory, features put patients in a deep freeze of distraction, leaving less attention for the processing of incoming pain signals.

It’s similar to what has been done with music, movies and even two-dimensional video games, but more effective because it involves problem-solving activities that emphasize coolness.”(5)

In Conclusion,

We believe this cool chi energy does heal.  And it was our desire to unravel some of the mystery to relaxing and cooling down with bio-energy.

We hope you continue to use the five steps to cool down in this article on a daily basis till a “cool nature” becomes a second nature.   You’ll enjoy the relaxation.

For more information, please visit us at the Online School of Chi Energy heals.



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[Cindy Cicero is a teacher and instructor skilled in the art of Chi Energy Heals bio-energy training.  She is the Director of Operations for the Online School of Chi Energy Heals and in business since 1998.  Certified Chi Energy Heals Instructor & Bio-Energy Healer for Sifu Jones’ Online Alternative Bio-Energy Health and Healing School.  A  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation teacher who has studied under doctors Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Dr. Jeff Brantley of Duke University’s Center for Integrative Medicine.  Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by the International Oriental Bodywork Association and licensed in the state of North Carolina;  Certified as a Spring Forest Qigong Healer and Teacher; Certified as a Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist in the Kripalu Yogic Healing Tradition; Certified in the Eastern Institute of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy; Member of the Rhine Center Parapsychology Center; Member & volunteer on the Board of Directors for the Qigong Institute.]
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