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What is Chi Energy? It’s “Bio-Electricity”…

Bio-Energy can heal the Mind & Body

by Sifu Cindy Cicero

The population of the world is over stressed, over worked, and over stimulated by mind’s internal unrest & chatter.  Coupled with your internal response to numerous environmental factors your daily life in the world of “abundance” has an unrest that is debilitating.   This neurological stress creates a “heat” a fire that left unchecked & unmanaged can rage into an out of control “wildfire”.

Studies has shown that when stress is left unmanaged it creates inflammation in the body which lowers the immune system and leaves us open for illness and disease.  Today we are fortunate to have many alternatives to bring ourselves back to balance.

Now if you never heard of bio-energy” or you’re unfamiliar with alternative energy healing systems, let me explain.

Chi or bio-energy is the life force energy that is external and internal to all living things. It is comprised of a bio-magnetic electricity field made up of subatomic particles that comprises the human body, mind and spirit.   TCM traditional Chinese medicine theory states that the unobstructed flow of Chi provides the body’s balance towards homeostasis and therefore toward optimal use of all its functions and potential.

One of the high end practices of alternative medicine is with “Chi” or Bio-Energy Methods.  These practices build up high levels of bio-energy into the nerve fibers of the body with an electrical magnetized form which can eliminate stress by releasing non inflammatory hormones like serotonin.

You’ll find with using a Bio-Energy Integrative Body/Mind approach is far more advanced than most energy healing programs.

There is a distinct difference between the different bio-energy methods used to build the “chi” in the body.  Bio-Energy methods that teach how to use a cool chi distillation process that dissipates heat generated from building high levels of bio-energy to correct imbalanced Chi in the mind and body is a safe way to handle bio-electricity.  This eliminates the negative side effects for the client.   Then your body’s natural immune system takes over and can begin to function at its best.

So find an excellent practitioner or school that teaches bio-energy techniques that relax and cool you down.  Learn to retrain the body, mind and your spirit with bio-energy forms that will inherently keep you in excellent health.

Sifu Cindy Cicero

Director of The School of Bio-Energy

(919) 771-7800

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