The Purpose of Medical Qigong is to Balance Yin & Yang

The Purpose of Medical Qigong is to Balance Yin & Yang

by George Xavier Love, OMD

Yin and Yang – Diagnosis

The Chinese system of diagnosis and treatment is a commonsense approach to healing with over 5000 years of proven efficacy.  The general concepts of balance are similar to those used throughout the Orient, in East Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and even by native Americans.

The most important concept to understand about the system involves the ability to diagnose imbalances using the theory of Yin and Yang.

The Yin/Yang theory is a teaching method and does not define anything absolute.  It shows the way to develop and intuitive approach to diagnoses and treatment.  Thus it is important to avoid getting too attached to the symbols Yin and Yang for they are only tools.

Yin and Yang represent the two essential opposites that make up all opposites.  They find their physiological roots in the complementary action of the adrenal glands.  The adrenal cortex controls the more Yin, parasympathetic nervous system dealing with body maintenance, including digestion, circulation, elimination, anti-inflammation and reproduction.  The adrenal-medulla controls the sympathetic nervous system which is involved in the anti-stress or “fight or flight” response, the immune system, protection and stimulation of primary bodily response.  Thus, the Ancient Chinese texts say that the root of Yin and Yang in our bodies is in the kidneys, meaning the small adrenal glands, which are attached to the kidneys.

Treatment is based upon counterbalancing Yin-cold-deficient-chronic diseases with Yang-warm-full foods and herbs and Yang-hot-excess-acute disease with Yin-cool-empty foods and herbs.

Theories of Yin & Yang

1.  Infinity divides itself into Yin & Yang.

2. Yin & Yang result from the infinite movement of the universe.

3. Yin is centripetal and Yang is centrifugal; together they produce all energy and phenomena

4.  Yin attracts Yang and Yang attracts Yin

5.  Yin repels Yin and Yang repels Yang

6.  The force of attraction and repulsion between the two phenomena is proportional to the difference in their Yin-Yang constitution.

7. All Phenomena are ephemeral and are constantly changing their Yin and Yang constitution.

8.  Nothing is solely Yin or Yang’; everything involves polarity.

9.  Nothing is neutral; either Yin or Yang is always more abundant.

10.  Yin and Yang are relative; large Yin attracts small Yin; Large Yang attracts small Yang.

11. At the extremity of their manifestation, Yin produces Yang and Yang produces Yin.

12.  All physical forms are Yin at the center and Yang at the surface

To illustrate these opposites, the chart of Qualities of Yin and Yang shows examples of the differing attributes.

The most important pairs of opposites to evaluate are as follows:


  • chills
  • internal
  • imbalance
  • chronic
  • damp
  • weak


  • inflammation
  • external imbalance
  • Bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite
  • acute
  • dry
  • excess

In the process of diagnosis, one looks for Yin-like or Yang-like conditions in both the basic constitution of the person and in the nature of the ailment.  The chart of Yin conditions and Yang conditions shows examples of characteristics you might find present.

Laws Governing Yin and Yang

1.  The ten thousand things come from one unified field called infinity

2.  All things must changes.

3.  All antagonisms are complementary.

4.  No two things are identical

5.  Every condition has an opposite.

6.  The extreme of any condition will produce signs of the opposite

7.  Whatever has a beginning has an end.

Yin Conditions

Chills poor circulation; desire for warmth 

cold hands and feet;

subnormal fevers;

muscle cramps and spasms;

Deficiency/Weak anemia; underweight; clear urine; 

vitamin, mineral or protein deficiencies;

paleness; low vitality; timidity;

shallow, weak breath; fatigue and tiredness

Damp history of eating raw fruits and vegetables; 

frequent urination; thin, clear mucous

watery stools containing undigested foods;

Yang Conditions

Heat/Inflammation inflammatory; high fevers; 

burning sensation; hot hands and feet

irritability; desire for cool things;

Excess rapid breathing; loud, coarse speech; 

forceful; high blood pressure; insomnia;

overweight; red face; cloudy urine

Dry constipation, dry mouth; 

mucous is thick

(white, yellow or tinged with blood);

history of eating meat

Since one rarely ever sees purely Yin or Yang conditions but rather a combination of both Yin and Yang, with Medical Qigong, a combination of exercises should be performed to create balance.



Quality Yin Yang
Tendency to condense to develop
Position inward outward
Structure space time
Direction descending to earth rising to heaven
Color dark, blue bright, red
Temperature cold hot
Weight heavy light
Catalyst water fire
Light dark light


interior exterior
Work psychological physical
Attitude gentle, negative active, positive
Introspective outgoing, intuitive aggressive
Biological Classification vegetable animal
Energy feminine masculine
Nerves parasympathetic sympathetic
Taste sour, bitter acrid, pungent, sweet, mild


[George Love Jr. is a primary care physician licensed in the state of Florida since 1986. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine DOM and licensed Acupuncture Physician, he is qualified to prescribe herbs (herbalist) and therapeutic diets (food therapist).  He is the former Dean of Acupuncture Studies at Barna College of Health Science in Ft. Lauderdale, and the author of six health books including S.H.I.E.L.D. Your Immune System in Just 12 Weeks, Meridian Chi Gong, You Won’t find Love in the Refrigerator and Ear Reflexology Massage Your Ears to Health.  He has been involved in the Alternative Health industry for 30 years both as an educator and health care provider.  He teaches Self Healing workshops across the country on Ear Reflexology, Meridian Chi Gong, 4 Doors to Healthy Happiness and 21 Days to Wellness.]



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