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Holy Shift

Some Personal Clinical Pearls

by Nadia Linda Hole, MD

Between Holiday blues and all that’s happening in the world – from the homeless of Occupy Wall Street, to unprecedented earth changes, solar flares, tsunami’s, earthquakes, meltdowns,  yada, yada. The list goes on, and on, and on … Holy Shift!

Thank heaven for breaths of fresh Qi!  From the Braco phenomenon, and Thrive movement, to ABC’s 20/20 report on Orgasmic Childbirth…  After all – ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Yet… Dang the spirit of the season! As a physician, I know that “Happy Holidays!” is for many, a less than comfortable, time of year.  As a single mom, I confess this is a challenging time of year, for me too, as well.  The most painfully life changing events of my life tend to occur between Thanksgiving and New Year’s – heartbreak, divorce, catastrophic illness, and other losses. As a Qigong enthusiast, how are these times, honestly, for You? Your clients?  Your loved ones?

Anyone else feeling as if we have lost our bearings?  Feeling a bit unsettled? Disoriented? Noticing that what used to work, somehow is no longer working, on so many levels? As Qigong practitioners, what Qi tools can we offer? In my own clinical and personal experience, patients come to my office, often with no prior knowledge, experience, nor interest in Qigong.  They simply feel overwhelmed by how intense life can be nowadays, in the relentless whirlwind of this Shift, where so many feel tossed about beyond anyone’s control, watching so much of what we once valued being blown away.

Another resounding cry I’m observing in my practice, amidst the Shift, is how more than ever before, people of all ages, from all walks of life are expressing helpless frustration at finding,  living, and/or fulfilling their heart of hearts, basic needs, desires, true passion, purpose or mission. Most have given up on “Follow your bliss.” Who are YOU, really?  Who am I, really?  In light of the theme of this issue –  Isn’t it time to awaken the Healer Within? As teachers, healers, parents, and leaders, sung and unsung, what practical Qi tools do we have that are simple to teach, simple to learn, to serve those who come to us, to awaken the Healer Within?  Hopefully, we’ve  some Qi tools for everyday living,  that will re-ignite, spark, both our individual and collective  passions, for Yang Sheng, fully living, fully enjoying, fully nurturing Life.

Here are some basic Qi tools, I have incorporated into my medical practice, for my patients, over the years, that we’ve found simply work.

1)Belly Heart Breathing, Divine Breath:   Breathe deeply – energetically into your heart, and physically into your belly, via your diaphragm.  Imagine breathing into your heart a golden light of Qi. Deeply inhale “good” Qi. Deeply exhale “bad” Qi. Belly Heart Breathing helps you open your heart to yourself, and to all the unconscious uncontrollable “stuck” Qi, we carry in our bellies.  Since we can’t do much with our “stuck” unconscious, since it is unconscious; we can at least breathe consciously. Conscious breathing gives the “greater” Qi a chance to naturally awaken the Healer Within, for “miracles” –  it dispels the “bad,”  making way for the “good.”Whether or not you or your patient are “spiritual,” consider making every breath a wordless prayer anyway, as a child would.  As innocently, and as deeply, as possible, reconnect your heart to Source, to Love, to that still small voice within, as Solala Towler so beautifully wrote in the last issue.

2)Inner Smile (Gratitude):  No matter how “bad” life seems, no matter what anyone involved feels – Smile! Smile! Smile! The Qigong Inner Smile is about being Gentle, Kind, Forgiving, and Accepting of yourself. Gratitude is a key here. Remind both yourself and your patients, with each breath, to give a smile of Gratitude to every organ, cell, and thought of your Being. Simply smiling has long been scientifically documented to measurably transmute your body’s inner workings –  body chemistry,  immune system,  endorphin’s,  neurotransmitters, heart  variability,  etc.;  for the happier and healthier. For “advanced” students –  Laughter is the medicine of angels. Enjoy Breathing, and everything else for that matter, in Joy.   Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!  Lemons to lemonade! A merry heart doeth good medicine make.

3)Yi Nian,  Clear Intention –  Remind yourself, and teach your patients, via kinesiology, how every thought affects our Being, and everyone around us as well.  Negative thoughts weaken. Positive thoughts strengthen.  One “negative” person in the room affects the energy of the entire room, and everyone in it.  Ditto the positive, with worldwide implications. With the Shift accelerating ‘instant manifestation,” notice how your thoughts, in just a heartbeat, can become your instant reality.

4) Connect: Hug! Hug! Hug!  Touch! Touch! Touch!  Love! Love! Love! The ancient Qigong concept that we are all One, all interconnected is now far more than a concept. Science documents the very real ripples of how we each have far reaching impact on the lives around us, far and near, and on the life of Mother Earth as well. Love is, of course, the most powerful modality here – for Healing, for Redemption, for Transformation.  Pure Love speaks louder than words, and is most effective, emitted or transmitted. How did my Mom, once a living treasure of a pediatrician, word it, as she lay dying, on her deathbed?  “Stop talking!  We don’t need to talk about anything.  Don’t waste time! Just Love me…” The picture and true story of “The Rescuing Hug” speaks the above more powerfully than words. Hug time! Author’s note: See photo and caption.  (Picture and story are downloadable online –  Would it be possible for you paste into article ?  Google “The Rescuing Hug”)

5)Sacred Sounds: Whether or not your patient knowingly appreciates Sacredness, we invite our patients to experiment sounding a heartfelt “Aaaah” sound with each breath.  The “Aaah” sound just works, often with palpable results. Why Aaah? “Aaah” is a heart opening sound in Chinese Medicine.  In many languages, “Aaah” is a key sound in the name of God. In nearly every culture, “Aaah” is the universal voice of the heart, beyond words. Feel and sound for yourself the “Aaah” of sadness, loss, grief, fear/terror, anger/rage; and on the other end of the spectrum, surprise, thrill, excitement, joy, and the orgasm of Life, where, in orgasmic Oneness, there is no longer any separate you or I.

6)Remembrance:  With each breath, focus on making each breath a wordless prayer,  sounding with each breath,  a name/quality of God, or simply the simple sound “Aaaah.” Allow your heart to be as the heart of an innocent child. Ask as a child would ask, for your heart of hearts true authentic desire. Ask and trust the (Divine) Qi to help you Remember, who you truly are; your gifts, your essence, and your eternal connection to the Universal One, to the Divine. The practice of Remembrance happens to be a Sufi Qi practice, found in similar forms in many religions, such as the Hail Mary’s of the Catholic rosary.  Sufi is simply the way of love, way of the heart, practiced by those of all faiths. I’ve clinically used the Remembrance in my medical practice for years. The practice often brings tears, the melting of pain, and often times modest “miracles,” where a miracle can be as miraculous as years of documented paralysis dissolving, or as miraculous and ordinary as an unexpected smile. Without having to explain much to my patients in words, the practice of Remembrance speaks for itself.

7)De, or Virtue: Qigong is about more than just breathing. Qigong is about Living a life fulfilled in “virtue” – “right” action, “right” relationships, “right” living.  Consciously choose, each breath, to make a choice that brings you closer to a life of “virtue.” What virtue most supports “greater” Life for you, each breath, this breath, Now?  What action best serves this?  Trust that whatever best serves You, best serves others.  In Qi, with virtue, Be the son, the daughter, of your moment, Now.

8)Give, Serve, Love  – One way of forgetting your own trials and tribulations, is freely and selflessly, giving to something or someone else, not expecting or wanting anything in return for yourself; yet at the same time, not forgetting yourself. As Confucius taught, 1st give to yourself, then your family, then your community, then the world.  Focus on serving something greater than yourself.

9)Count your Blessings and Give Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, especially for Blessings in disguise!  Remember the story of the boy, digging and singing away, knee deep in horse poop – “With all this horse poop, there must be a pony here somewhere, and I’m going to find it!” We are so blessed …Yes?

In the spirit of the season, one of my Qigong Masters taught that one of the greatest Qigong Masters who ever lived, is of course, Christ. Another of my Master teachers teaches that this Shift is in part about, how All of us, and Mother Earth, no matter what your religion, are each in the process of being “Christed. All around the world, people are celebrating the birth of the Christ child – Fear not! I bring you tidings of Good news, and great Joy … for unto us a child is born. No matter what your religion, there is an undeniable universal “Christed” message in “Fear not! …”  Fear vs Love?  What do we choose? Times and Shift as is – Who can possibly argue with the qualities Christ represents?   Unconditional Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Mercy, Freedom, Peace, Victory, Joy to the World, New Life, Miracles, and more. Aren’t these the Qualities of the Healer Within?  No matter what your religion –  Qi is about simply deeply deeply Breathing, past all the noise, all the stories, all the separation, to open your heart to these Qualities;  easing our way through these times. We humbly invite you to play with some of the practices we’ve shared here, and see for yourself what’s possible, as you awaken the Healer Within you. Oh Holy Night, Oh Holy Shift! What the world needs now is … What we need now is… What are we to do?  Be? Be! The time has come. The time is now. May the Qi be with you. May the greater Qi guide you and Bless you.

Thank you for being part of our Qi family!    Happy Shift and Joyeux Noel!

[Nadia Linda Hole MD, as a graduate of Princeton, Duke, & Oneness Universities, is a long time practitioner & teacher of Qigong, for community & medical organizations. She has served as a consulting editor for Chinese Medical Qigong; a contributing author of chapters on Qigong & Koryo Hand Therapy for the medical textbooks Alternative & Complementary Treatment in Neurologic Illness (Michael Weintraub MD), Pain Management- A Practical Guide for Clinicians (Richard Weiner PhD), & Cardiac Illness – Integrative Treatment & Prevention (Frishman MD & Micozzi MD); & on the faculties of the American Academy of Pain Management, American Holistic Medical Association, & World Congress on Qigong. One of her passions is a more heart centered, Qi approach, for medicine. As an ordained spiritual healer, & Sufi “master” teacher, currently residing in Hawaii; she also hosts Dolphin Qi Pilgrimages, & helps anchor an international interfaith, Remembrance telecall, for peace.]

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