Book Review – Heavenly Streams: Meridian Theory in Nei Gong

Heavenly Streams: Meridian Theory in Nei Gong

by Damo Mitchell
Paperback (304 pages) 2013
Singing Dagon, London
ISBN-10: 1848191162, ISBN-13: 978-1848191167

Review written by Martin Eisen, Ph.D.


The title “Heavenly Streams” refers to the Meridians which contain streams of heavenly energy. This book should be studied by students and practitioners of Chinese internal martial arts, Chinese medicine, and all others using Meridians in their practices.

Most people, even after years of study and memorization of the Meridians, are still dissatisfied because they cannot feel, sense or see the Meridians in themselves or others.  Also, there is no modern scientific device for visualizing them.

This is one of the few books that gives a Qigong practice which allows you to feel or sense your own Meridians and Acupoints.  It also teaches you how to inject Qi into Acupoints.

This last procedure will help acupuncturists to improve their treatment.  It also paves the way for “needleless acupuncture.”  How this Qigong method is used to treat various Chinese disease patterns is also described.

Being able to sense or feel your own Meridians would dispel the nagging doubt about their existence and lend credence to one the historical ideas that the Meridians were discovered through meditation.

MartyEisenMarty Eisen, PhD – a retired scientist, who constructed mathematical models in medicine. He has studied and taught Yoga, Judo, Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Qigong, Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and Tai Chi. Dr. Eisen studied Chinese Medicine through apprenticeships and correspondence courses .   His  latest project is to help arrange free courses for veterans in Chow Qigong for health or as a vocation  – see   For more information about Dr. Eisen please visit

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About Martin Eisen

By profession, Dr. Eisen was a university Professor specializing in constructing mathematical models such as those in cancer chemotherapy and epilepsy. He has studied and taught Yoga, Judo, and Aikido. Dr. Eisen was the founder and chief-instructor of the Shotokan Karate Clubs at Carnegie-Mellon and Dusquene Universities and the University of Pittsburgh. He helped teach Yoga in Graterford prison. His curiousity about the relation of Qi to healing and martial arts led him to study TCM, Tai Chi and Praying Mantis Kung Fu. He was initiated as a Disciple of Master Gin Foon Mark. Dr. Eisen now teaches (at his Kwoon and by webcam), writes and researches Praying Mantis, Qigong and Yang Tai Chi - see
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