Yin and Yang: Unify to Create Daily Orgasm

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by Sharon Montes, MD


* Image reprinted by permission of Rex F. May (Baloo): http://www.baloocartoons.com

I had my first orgasm when I was 10 years old.  Over 40 years later, the vivid memory of the joy of that experience still burns bright. As you read these words, what vision comes to mind?  Was I in bed?  Making love with someone?  Practicing masturbation? Actually, I was alone walking on a dirt road in northern Michigan.  Under a deep blue summer sky, surrounded by grass, bushes and trees, feet crunching on the gravel,  my body filled with light. I sensed connection with all that was around me, profound peace and the rightness of everything.  I truly was the bridge between heaven and earth.  A few weeks ago, after remembering this experience, I recommitted to experiencing daily orgasm.  Are you experiencing daily orgasm?

You may say,  “WAIT!  Your childhood experience may be cosmic consciousness but that was not an orgasm. “  I reply, “Given many decades of life experience since that walk in the woods,  it was more memorable and consciousness-expanding than many of the orgasms I experienced due to genital stimulation.”  We then could continue this conversation with you asking,  “How is orgasm at all related to yin and yang?” I clarify, “orgasm offers a perfect model of yin/yang and Tao. Orgasm offers the physical experience of unity, although it is the result of a balance of duality.  Genital-stimulated orgasm results after intense sympathetic activity (the yang-like aspect of our nervous system) followed by a flood of parasympathetic activity (the yin-like aspect of our nervous system).”

Let’s look at the experience achieved during orgasm.  I once heard orgasm defined as “the space between our thoughts.”  Stepping back from believing that genital stimulation is the only way to experience certain states of awareness allows us greater freedom. People around the world spend thousands of waking hours thinking about, worrying about, and craving orgasm, and most think genital stimulation is the only path to achieving this type of consciousness.  I propose that meditation, laughter, physical activity and many other experiences also offer ways to achieve this state of being.  Orgasmic consciousness is an important reminder of the unity that saturates duality.003_yin-yang-lrg-2

The Yin/Yang symbol is an important reminder of unity in the presence of duality. The reality of dualism permeates our world.  Our physical body effectively models duality in structure and movement  –  right and left; front and back; top and bottom. Our thoughts reflect duality – good and bad; right and wrong.  At the same time we are also an expression of unity.

Thirty years of marriage provided me with many opportunities to see unity in the presence of duality. For many years I was married to a man that saw the world 180 degrees differently than I did. For the first several years of our marriage, this situation caused a great deal of stress. I held a DEFINITE preference for my world view. Actually, I LOVED my world view and was very attached to the belief that it was the correct world view. My husband was equally attached to his world view and we wasted much time and energy working to convince the other of the correctness of our individual perspectives. One day while drinking a cup of tea I had an insight that promoted peace. It occurred to me that from the table level I saw the smooth side of the cup, while my husband saw the handle. In contrast, from above I was able to see the entire cup. That third perspective of the cup viewed from above, unified the two polarized views.

Yin Yang DefinedA new writer friend from Argentina recently shared a lovely perspective of global unity. (Hurray for Skype, a lovely unifying technology.) She is consulting for a group of people from Ecuador. Her employers are clear that the earth’s equator is a region that unites, rather than divides, two halves of the world.  As a child, I was taught to see that line on the globe as a division. I enjoyed this perspective of unification rather than polarity. Five times a month, I share a meditation for world peace with this writer and others who live in North and South America. I love that in mind and action we are bridging the hemispheres, uniting our focus and will towards promoting world peace.

  • How is your attachment to your judgment and point of view showing up today?
  • How are you dancing with the concept of opposites?
  • Of polarity?
  • What inner question, technique, process, inner question gets you to a unifying perspective?
  • To a daily mind expanding embodiment of light?
  • To your daily orgasm?

Sometimes it is as easy as a breath. Sometimes it is as easy as the choice of a word..

“yes, AND! “

Right  or wrong –  Good  or bad  – Rich or poor – Us or  them – East and West

compared with

Right  and wrong –  Good  and bad –  Rich and poor –  Us and them

Sometimes the embodiment of unity in a deep orgasmic way requires more effort – Dancing, using breath to move energy up and down my axis. All I know is that for now my commitment to experience daily orgasm is FUN! I wonder if we could start a new health movement…. “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.”

Wishing you a daily orgasm – an embodied experience of unity.


sharon montesSharon Montes, M.D. – practiced and taught family medicine in medical schools for 17 years. Former medical director of University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Sharon Montes is currently living in Loveland, Colorado, joyfully dancing with 10,000 things and starting a Lifestyle Medicine practice. Her email is thedancingdoc@gmail.com, her Skype ID is “livingjoynow” and her blog site is http://drsharoninfo.blogspot.com/

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