Nutrition Basics and Energy Healing

[Energy Healing Through Science and Spirit]

Nutrition Basics and Energy Healing

by Cindy Cicero


Nutritious foodThe School of Chi Energy Presents a seminar on Nutrition Basics with Sifu Jones and Instructor Dr. Thomas Earnest, D.O.M., Professor of Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition Specialist.

Dr. Thomas Earnest, DOM #932

Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Board Certified Acupuncturist and Medical Herbalist
Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Click to listen or right click to download:

“The Chi Energy & Nutrition Basic Talk” Part One


“The Chi Energy & Nutrition Basics Talk” Part Two


Click this link to download Dr. Thomas’s pdf on nutritional references:

The Nutrition Reference Document

Click to access ChiEnergyNutrition.pdf

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A few pertinent points:

Don’t torture yourself by trying to attain dietary perfection which is not possible.

Do remember to keep the ingredients non-toxic and healthy the majority of the time, especially regarding the fats and oils.

It is important to get pleasure from your food choices.

There are no rules, only principles of nature which we must all live by or die by – learn about what your unique body-mind needs to maintain itself.

Create your own body owner’s manual.

Experiment with what works for you and what doesn’t.

There is no one way that works for everyone, for we are all biologically individual and unique.


Cindy-Cicero-WebPicCindy Cicero (Sifu Cicero) is a bio-energy healer and instructor.  She is the Director of Operations for the Online School of Chi Energy Heals and in business since 1998.  The curriculum is an alternative and complementary bio-energy method that supports health and wellness programs.  Sifu Cindy has received private instruction and training that far surpasses her abilities acquired from other energy systems with teacher Sifu Robin Jones. Sifu Jones has an extensive background in internal energy work with 40+ years as a Kung Fu Martial Artist.  And he has revealed to her the mysteries behind healing powers of bio-electricity as way to optimal health and advanced healing.  For more bio info please


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