Human Meridian System

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Human Meridian System

Feng Jun ZHAO

College of Mathematics and Information, Xinjian Normal University


While materials are continuously reacted with photons of the environmental reactions, materials can change total amount and frequency distribution of photons from the inside. Another words, the photon signals and photon distribution have been changed. Therefore, the structure and distribution of the material has been changed too. Each material has its special characteristics. Because material wants to keep almost perfect condition, material does not want to change itself. Another words, material don’t want the external environments to change material inner structure. Therefore, material will produce a self-protection system from the inside. This system is called photonic signal transmission system.

Under this circumstance, this system will produce a self-signal communication system to against the environmental change. This is an automatically self-defense system. Through evolution, this system is called life system. Under this concept, the living system must be very populous. Any system, which has photonic signal transmission can, can create a living system. Based upon this definition, human life is a very perfect living system. In order to adopt the environmental change, human life has developed a perfect photon signal transmission system. This system is called meridian system in the classical Chinese medicine. Life is always under these two conflict conditions: living at always changing environment and sustaining at internal consistent status.Chinese_meridians

Slow development of meridian science

Meridian science is the highest development of ancient Chinese medicine. All branches of Chinese medicine are based upon human meridian system to develop. This system can survive for thousands years that already can explain their correction and reality. But the development of the meridian science is always very slow. The main reason to hinder this is because the science of the meridian system is unable to maintain very close to modern science. Another words, science of meridian system is not as strict as modern science and does not base upon good modern scientific theories to explain. Therefore, the development and spread of meridian system become very limited.

For a very long period of time, meridian system is unable to be accepted by western medicine. The main reason is because meridian system cannot be found in the anatomy in the western medicine. In the development in today’s high technology science, if we want to make the meridian system far more advanced development, we have to give meridians a new life. Thus, it can rejuvenate a new energy. Then, a fast pace development in meridian science can develop to reach next level.st_meridian_1

Creation mechanism of meridian system

In order to explain the meridian system, we must start from the photon and basic structure of the material. Each matter is composed of the smallest basic particles. The matter to exist is decided not only by itself completely, but the mutual interacting product by natural environment. The matter is to absorb basically particles of the environment, which can change its own basic structure. At the same time, the matter can project the basic particles that can be absorbed by the natural environment to recognize the existence of the matter. If the matter is to absorb too much basic particles from other systems, total number and distribution of the photon of the matter will change. Another words, the constitution of the matter will change. Once the matter has changed to reach certain level, the constitutional appearance of the matter and natural environment will change too. Thus, the quality of the shape and type of the matter will change. Therefore the matter will be destroyed. This is the whole process from the birth to the death of the matter. By general definition, all matters must show some kind of life.

No matter what kind of subjects, they themselves are a living life. They all have one complete system to transmit and receive the signals between the matter and the environment. The signals from the matter can affect the environment but cannot change the environment. They only can change their own basic signals to coordinate properly with natural environment. If they can adjust properly, they can prolong their life.

All subjects have their own complete system. While any part of the subject is attacked or affected or changed or invaded by signals, the subject will inform the changed signals to all remaining parts of the subject. Thus, whole subject can adjust to the changing environment. Therefore, the subject can live in harmony with the changing environment. The adopting to changing environment can prolong and survive the subject’s life. The longer a subject has survived in the changed environment, the more complicated information transmission system has. Thus, this subject will create a special route to transmit these basic signals.

For human beings, this special transmission route is called meridians. In our conclusive analysis, not only human beings have the meridian system, but also all other living animals have their own signal transmission meridian system. Plants have their own meridian system. Even non-living subjects also have their own special signal transmission system, which is very similar to the meridian system of human beings. Earth has existed in the solar system for more than ten billions years. Earth has received the photon signals from the solar and universe. At the same time, earth also emits its own photon signals. Because the earth also has to adopt its surrounding environment, inside of the earth itself must create its special signal transmission route, earth meridian system. The meridian system is scientific terms proposed by the ancient Chinese medical fields, but what is the relation between meridian system and modern physics.

Molecular meridian system

As we know all matters can express through photon signals. Therefore, all maters traveling, molecules and electrons movement, and photons transmission are the changes of the systemic signals. Most transmission routes of the photons are the routes of the systemic signal transmission. The matters’ transmission routes are called meridian system.

The gaseous or liquid states of the matters have the natural flowing characteristics. Thus, they are the best medium to transmit the signals. As a matter of fact, human beings, all animals, all plants, and earth are continuously to use gaseous or liquid states as medium to transmit the signals. These include, wind, river, blood circulation in human beings and animals. However, gaseous and liquid are not the basic particles of the matters, but they still can be assumed as the basic particle granule, which can carry signal granule. This is a macroscopic appearance of meridian system. They still somehow differ from the appearance of meridian system in Chinese medicine. But these macro-particles still can carry and transmit the signals. They are surrounded around the meridian system, but they become an independent system to transmit the signals. Basically, they are to use the gaseous or liquid molecules as signal transmission medium to become special route to transmit signal transmission system. We call this system a molecular meridian system.

Electrons meridian system

As we know that molecules are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Usually, protons and neutrons are very steady and not move at all. Electrons move in very fast speed. Free electrons inside the metal can move freely in the electrical field. Gaseous and liquid states because of their special flowing characteristics can flow whole molecules. Thus, it is not very significant for electrons to transmit the signals. However, in solid electrons are very important to transmit the photon signals. The electrons at the most external outer layer of nucleus of the metals are restrained very weakly. Therefore, electrons at the most external outer layer are very easy to become free electrons.

In solids, electrons in the metals are the medium to transmit the signals. Under the meridian system of Chinese medical theory, there is a human signal system, which is mainly composed by metal elements distribution, called an electrons meridian system. In solids system, there are many different chemical elements and metal elements distributed unevenly inside the different meridians. For example, there are many different types of mine distributed in the earth. Electric conduction ability is different in different site of the animals, human beings, or even plants. These different electric conductions can explain the metal distribution difference in the solids.

Different electric conduction in the animals and plants can explain that there are electrons meridian system existing inside the animals and plants. Even though electrons are still not the most fundamental particles of the materials, they are far closer than molecules and atoms to the fundamental particles. The electrons meridian system is very close to the meridian system in Chinese medicine. Electrons meridian system is one more step to close to meridian system in Chinese medicine than vessel circulation system, lymphatic system and nervous system.

Because the electrons are used as medium to transmit the signals, they become an independent circulation system. Using electrons as medium to transmit the signals and metal elements distribution characteristics system are called electrons meridian system. It is still too general to demonstrate the electrons characteristics of the materials in human body. Thus, electrons meridian system is still slightly different from the meridian system in classical Chinese medicine.

Photon meridian system and the other basic particles coexisting with meridian system

No matter human beings, animals or plants, or non-living subjects, there must exist all available systems to transmit the signals within systems, which can include molecules meridian system and electron meridian system. But the most basic, direct, and fundamental transmitting the signals are to use the photons as mediums. The photons signals transmission system, which is called photons meridian system, is compatible to the meridian system in the classical Chinese medicine.

This is because the photons are the most basic particles, they are the fastest, most direct, and most fundamental medium to transmit the signals between materials. The photons can transmit through materials without any other substance assistance. Photons can be as medium to transmit and is a very convenient signal transmission substance. Working under the photon meridian system, human body, animal body or other non-living body will develop one other signal transmission meridian system. For example, human body is composed by numerous cells. There must be medium signal meridian system between cells.

There are many different small basic particles, which are smaller than electrons, between the photons and electrons. Therefore, there must many different corresponding particles meridian system. One thing we can be certain that all their existing is to transmit the basic particles of the matters. Thus, internal signals can share within the system. Therefore, the original system and environments can coexist very well to prolong the life.

Around the concentrated zone of the meridian system, there is a concentrated zone of these basic signals transmission particles. This area is also the converged area of many other different meridians (such as molecular meridian or electron meridian). Once we research far more advanced to the meridian system of the human being and other animals, we should be able to find more corresponding meridian system.

After above analysis, meridian system is a system to transmit the photon signals. The inner part of meridian system inside the human body and animal body transmit the photon signals, which have stronger penetrating ability than the electromagnetic waves. This system is very similar to the optical fiber communication. The best transmission route applied to the human body and animal body is the photon signals transmission meridian system.

We have to explain more clearly about photon meridian system. Because the photon has kinetic mass but no quiescent mass, photon meridian system is real existence but no real mass. In the other words, if there is life in human beings, there are meridian signals existing in the human. Meridians can transmit and exchange the photon signal in the human body. However, once the human life gets sick, photon signals inside human body will be vanished. At that time, meridian system in the human body will be disappeared too.

While human body is converted to another life body, a new photon signal meridian system will give birth at the new life. We have to emphasize that the corresponding particles of the meridian system are existed in the quiescent mass. While the signal is disappeared, the system will still exist for a period of time. However, after a longer period of time, the electrons meridian system and molecule meridian system will be disappeared immediately. Because we dissect human body in cadaver, this is why we cannot find photon signal meridian system in the western medical anatomy.

Meridian, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment

Human beings always think themselves the highest-level animals. However, there is no evidence to support this theory. One of the distinguished differences between human beings, other animals, and plants is the numbers of the meridian system, which includes the difference of the frequency range of signal transmission, the electric current density, and the sensitivity. Some signals, which can be sensed by the human beings, cannot be sensed by the other animals or plants. Some signals, which can be sensed by other animals and plants, are unable to be sensed by the human beings.yin and yang

Meridian system described in ancient Chinese medicine is not one particular meridian system but a multiple signal transmission system in the human body. This multiple meridian system can be comprehended as yin-yang meridian system. There is primary and secondary meridian system. The most important one is the photon meridian system in the human body. This photon meridian system is the transmission system to exchange basic signals between human body and environment.

In Chinese medical theories, we apply meridian system to treat disease such as acupuncture treatment and massage. By using this method is to find the fundamental cause of the disease. While human beings are getting sick, their photon signals are different from the normal healthy body. This is because one of the areas of the meridian system has problem. The photon signals itself which are surrounded the human body have problem not fitted for human being to live. The photon signals transmission route of the human body are blocked.

We can use some physical method to stimulate at the primary transmission sites, i.e. acupoints, of the signal transmission route. After stimulating at the primary transmission site, the signals will transmit on the transmission route smoothly again. This method is pretty efficient, but it cannot cure all diseases. This method has very good treatment result in the following problems, such as signals communication problem or signals transmission route blocked. If the signals emitted from the human body have errors, acupuncture treatment to stimulate at the corresponding acupoint, it can produce and emit the correct photon signals for human. Under this circumstance, acupuncture treatment is also very useful.

If human beings have lived on the earth long enough and have already received too much photon signals from the environment, the photon signals have been altered too much from the original photon signals. If human being getting sick because of this, there is no person can cure this disease under this particular circumstance. The only method is to find a suitable location on the earth to exchange the over-exposed photon signals with natural environment. Probably, this sick person can prolong his life. Or by using natural passing away method, it can revive his life a new life to convert to become a new material of life.

By taking Chinese herbs or western medication, our body can increase the ratio of the chemical substance to treat the corresponding diseases. This method can also cure diseases. Different plants represent different characteristics, which can absorb different frequency range of photon signals from the environment. Thus, these plants will accumulate different substance inside. In the other words, each different plant must contain one special different ratio substances inside. At the same token, different animals or even different parts of the animals also contain some specific signals to treat its corresponding diseases.

Because animals have one specific system to transmit their specific photon signals, it can accumulate different chemical substance at their different locations. Therefore, we can use different animal parts to treat our own corresponding diseases. Because different location of the earth also contains different chemical elements, according to above hypothetical theories, soil at the different locations on the earth also can treat their own corresponding diseases. Thus, according to my proposed theory, because different chemical substances contain different photon signals, they can treat their corresponding diseases.

We have to emphasize that chemical substance must be organic natural chemical elements. Because of no matter how complicated human thinking is, it is still impossible for human to comprehend all possible variables in chemical substance. Even the disease seems to be cured at that time, it won’t be some part of the disease unable to be complete cured. This probably because different substance is created by different photon signals, it will represent different corresponding photon signals. These corresponding signals will also change the altered photon signals inside the human body to reverse to normal signal condition. This is the way to cure the disease by itself.

The acupuncture treatment and massage can change the photon signals of the human body to cure diseases. However, if we put the acupuncture needles at the wrong acupoints, it may destroy certain types of photon signals even more seriously or even make some function complete out of work, such as blindness, deafness, speechlessness or even death.

In Chinese martial arts, there is a method to pressing the acupoint with finger to stop chi migration on the meridian. These persons, who know how to press their fingers at the acupoint to stop chi migration on the meridian and also know how release the blocked chi to continuously flow on the meridian, don’t know and are unable to explain the mechanism of how it works. Our hypothetic theory is that this process is to block and destroy the photon signals to transmit on the transmission route.

We also have to explain that how the photon signals are transmitted on the earth, because the earth are coexisting life system of human beings. When human beings begin to extract all different mines on the earth, it also destroys the signals transmission route of the earth. Thus, while extracting the mines at one side, it will also increase the signals strength on the other side. These changed photon signals will cause many more severe natural disasters.


We conclude with one experiment regarding the acupoints: By using photogenic detection technique to detect cold light on the superficial skin of human body, it has found that human skin has continuously to emit extreme weak visible light. The peak value of the spectrum ranges from 380-420 nm. The strength of the light emission is related to the ages and personal character. Each different location of human body has different light emission strength. Well acupoints have stronger light than all other acupoints. We can look the photon signal transmission system to explain the meridian system. Photon transmission function is more complicated than any other areas. Thus, light emission strength at the acupoint is also stronger than any other region in the human body.


[About the author:  Feng Jun ZHAO is an associate professor of physics at College of Mathematics and Information, Xinjian Normal University.  Email: ]


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