TCM Way to Let the World Have Less Sickness

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TCM Way to Let the World Have Less Sickness

A Visit to Ovation Health – Center for Three Healing

Kevin W Chen, Ph.D. MPH

The front gate of Ovation Health Group.

Located in Langfang Development Zone (Hebei province, China), the Ovation Health Management Group is a secret “black horse” under the Ennova energy group (ENN, a public-traded energy company).  There are three main branches or relatively independent operations in this health group: Research Institute of Health, the Center for Three Healings (the theme of Wellness & healing), and Seven Cultivation Academy with Seven-Cultivation Hotel (cultivating the virtue & life).  This is an important and strategical step or platform for Ennova Energy Group to march toward the rising industry of Health and Wellness (where the wealth flows to the next decade).

External view of Center for Three Healing

I spent three days at the Center for Three Healing and the Health Hotel recently, as my third visit to the Center within one year.  I was invited to participate in a full day of “Mind-body support for a total protection from cancer” activities, including keynote lecture on Stress and Self-Healing in Cancer Recovery, mindfulness walking practice and workshop to teach health Qigong exercises.  During my stay I visited the Center for Three Healing and the Academy of Seven Cultivations again.  I also experienced a complete physical examination by the state-of-art biological micro-magnetic detecting system, and met with the group leaders to discuss the possible cooperation in the next step.

The Ovation Health – Center for Three Healing focuses on “treating not-yet-occurred diseases” 治未病 (future illness?), and its mission is to “let the world have less sickness.”  Based on the traditional Chinese health and wellness (Yang-sheng) principles and support of the modem life science system,  the Center uses the professional health managers as the link, a team of general practitioners of holistic health as leading core, through the means of health monitoring, health assessment, management plans, treatment intervention, continuous service and other methods, the Center provides the intelligent health-management solutions of whole person, whole process, and whole health, meanwhile, export health-operation business model and management model. Integrating traditional Chinese medicine with modern medicine, the Center provides the latest international therapies in detoxification, energy, sentiment health (three healings) and other healing products and solutions so as to help customers enjoy the body-mind-spirit comprehensive health!

Interior views of the Center for Three Healing

As you will soon realize that the entire Center focus on health and wellness, instead of disease or sickness care.  Human body is like a precise machine that need periodical care and maintenance so as to keep the optimal status.  The Ovation Center for Three Healing selects the best healing resource and technology around the world, and apply innovative TCM Wellness and Yang-sheng culture and ideas, through detoxification purification, energy boosting, emotional soothing (or sentiment grooming), and scientific management in diet, exercise and sleeping, to help clients to detoxify, recover the mind-body integration, and gain inner peace.  Let body regain the balance, purification and health.   Let me brief introduce what the Three Healing is really about.

A. Detoxification Purification System

The Detoxification Purification System includes digestive-system detoxification, facial detoxification, meridian detoxification, skin detoxification, and medicinal-food detoxification.

Digestive-system detoxification —  Apply the automatic colon hydra-healing equipment, combine with specially-prescribed enoma juice and balance juice, to cleanse digestive system and balance the micro-ecology. It is characterized by safety, comfort, sanitation and visibility.

Facial Detoxification — Skin is the largest organ or detoxifying system in human body, and  30% body toxins need to pass through the skin sweat glands to be outed. Through deep cleansing, facial Scraping and special massage methods, facial detoxifying procedure open the partial sweat pole, accelerate metabolism, improve the micro-circulation, and activate the skin vitality.

Meridian Detoxification —  Through the TCM diagnosis and meridian examination to identify the toxin location, apply scraping, cupping, medicine, and essential oil therapy so that there components of Chinese medicine can exchange effective with the blood and toxin, and then cleanse out of body.

Skin Detoxification —  Skin is the largest organ or detoxifying system in human body, TCM sweating method is one of the eight therapies in detoxification, while Chinese medicinal-bathing and steaming therapy are important pathway to achieve that goal.  The prescription used in medicinal-bathing or steaming come from famous TCM doctors, by selecting the top quality of herbs, such as astragalus, angelica dahurica, etc. it has the functions of nourishing qi, opening-up meridian, and comforting body.

Medicinal-food Detoxification — Based on the theory of medicine-food homologous, the food with functions of cleaning heat and channeling dampness are selected to achieve goal of detoxification. For example, detoxifying fruit-vegetable juice, and liver-kidney purifying fruit juice.


B. Energy Ascension System 

The Energy Ascension System include the aspects of energy medicinal food therapy, energy yoga, energy foot therapy, and adjustment by ancient method to help clients boosting life energy.

Energy Medicinal-Food include mixed energy herbal compound, and nourishing-yin calming-spirit tea.   The mixed energy compound select the classic prescription by famous TCM doctor, apply traditional way to boil the medicine so as to rapidly supply energy and raise the Zheng-qi (vital energy).  The nourishing-yin calming-spirit tea also select the classic TCM formula, apply traditional boiling method to make the best tea that has absorbing the essential of tea, and help calming the spirit and assisting sleep.

Energy Yoga, also known as traditional yoga, represents male and female, day and night, yin and yang, cold and heat, as well as the balance of other oppose two aspects.  Through practicing the body’s two extreme of equal force — flexibility and power, lead body into a balanced state.

Energy Foot-Therapy — Modern medicine considers foot as “the second heart,” which has numberless nerve endings connected closely with the brain, and related to human health.  TCM thinks that there are many acupoints at bottom of feet that correspond to the organs and body parts. By stimulating these acupoints, it help promoting blood-qi flow, adjusting organ functions, smoothing body’s entire meridian so as to achieve the goal of getting ride of sickness, breaking the blockage, and nourishing the healthy qi,

Adjustment by ancient method refers to the process that, through TCM diagnosis to identify individual constitution, apply Tui-na, therapeutic massage and relaxing tender therapies so as to adjust the system, relax mind-body, and eliminate the fatigue.


C. Sentiment Grooming System.

Sentiment Grooming (or emotional soothing) system includes the components of psychotherapy, Mindfulness-based stress reduction, mind-body relaxation, energetic positivism, nightly meditation, and wellness-based vegetarian meal.

Through consciously observing the current moment, and living at the moment without any judgement, we will be able to awaken the inner power of mindfulness, so as to defeat the negative energy such as frustration, depression or anxiety, and get rid of the negative emotions and mental toxin.  After all, mindfulness-based stress reduction originated from the Chinese Buddhism tradition — Zen practice.

Apply the international top products in mind-body integrative health, the Center combines the techniques of psycho-physiology and physical therapy, and uses state-of-arts equipment to repair physiological function, balance endocrine system, improve chronic disease, and train emotional intelligence.

Through ancient technique of yoga and Qigong meditation, the nightly meditation help client to quietly feel various events during the day, let the upper-active mind enter into a calm and quiet state, relax body-mind-spirit, which assist reducing fatigue and falling asleep easily.

Su-Wen — a vegetarian restaurant run by the affiliated 5-star hotel, introduce an action philosophy in life.  here clients learn to reject big belly and trash food, enjoy the scientific wellness vegetarian management, and become healthier by eating right.

During my stay I had two lunch at the Suwen restaurant, one of the five restaurants in the health-theme hotel at Ovation Health.  The 9 or 10-course vegetarian foods are artistic, beautiful, phenomenal and very tasty.   I show a few picture below as examples, and highly recommend it for my friends who have chance to visit there.

Some dishes from my vegetarian lunch.

The aspects of three healing are just name of the Center, but the services provided by the Center are far beyond these.  The Center has developed a personalized health management program, through the detoxification management, metabolic management, immune enhancement, endocrine balance, so as to timely restore cell natural repairing capacity, reduce disease and aging process by improving cell metabolism, change the constitution of tumor and slow metabolism, so as to reboot body’s own immune capacity, and remodel cells youth and dynamic. You can get a more detailed picture by going to its web site (in Chinese):

Health Assessment is important step in the health management system. Their health assessment system includes quantum medical exam, biological medical exam, and Chinese medicine diagnosis and exam,  which will understand the current health state from multiple dimensions so as to offer the direction for improvement.  The physical examination or check-up at the Center include analysis of body components, mental-stress analysis, EKG, glucose metabolism, biological micro-magnetic detecting, TCM diagnosis, anus diagnosis and so on. 

During my visit to the Center, the most interesting and eye-catching equipment is probably the newly designed health-monitoring “magic” mirror (Hi-mirror), which monitor user’s daily physical and mental condition by simply taking some photos of face and tongue when you use the mirror, then offer warning and recommendation for a better health!   This is designed by professionals at the Ovation Health, and has been shown in some Health Exhibitions, and received many appraisal and positive feedback.  A smaller portable version of health-monitoring mirror is on its way.  

I personally experienced a check-up by the biological micro-magnetic detecting system, which is a new technology of noninvasive comprehensive health examination. Through the analysis of small urine samples, it gives details results (in hundreds of data points) of the organs, nutrition, environmental toxins, and psychological emotions, as well as the personalized recommendations.  I get four “books” of examining results and suggested healthy actions.  According to the reports of people who took the test, the results are pretty accurate in general.  

Sleeping exam & observation room

After visiting the Center for Three-Healing, I feel that this is the place that brings together the most up-to-date and essential holistic health concept, talent, wisdom and equipment in modern medicine, especially Chinese medicine.  It is indeed a great place for healthy living and complete harmony in body, mind and spirit.

If you are interested in taking a close look into this unique health and healing center, come joining us for the next TCM Wellness Study & EXp Tour in October and enjoy  the 5-star VIP wellness treatment in the unique yang-sheng palace in China – The Ovation Health – Center for Three Healing and the Seven-Cultivation Hotel.   In this tour you will get a complete 3-day TCM detoxification treatment program after a personal check-up and an examination by the state-of-arts biological micro-magnetic detecting system, plus you will experience many different aspects of Chinese Yang-sheng culture, such as cupping, medicinal bath, acupressure, medicinal food, music healing, and calligraphy for health.  Everything will make you feel like a VIP, who is enjoying the future of wellness and health care, but won’t cost that much. This is your special treat to yourself, your once-in-a-life chance to take the tour filled with natural beauty, wellness training and health/healing opportunities.

The 2nd Wellness Study & Exp Tour to China, 2017

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