The 2018 TCM Health-Wellness Tours to China

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The 2018 TCM Wellness (Yang-Sheng) Study

& Explore Tours to China (Updated)

2018 中医康养学习体验之旅

Kevin W Chen, Ph.D. MPH


We have successfully offered two TCM Wellness Study & Explore Tours to China in 2017 (May 7-21, and Oct. 13-31). The participants had overwhelmingly positive and unforgettable experiences.  If you have talked with anyone of the participants, you know what I am talking about.  If not, here are a few comments and feedback, which talk about the tour better than any word I can put together:

  • “Better than expected, and everyday there was a new experience, a new surprising…”
  • “A transformational trip for me. I needed it very much and it is setting new directions for me”
  • “I liked all the varied activities about wellness, the Qigong, lectures and learning, the food (especially 16 cold & 16 hot-dish banquet), the cultural experience, the tea ceremony, the monastery, meditating in cave, all of the treatments.  I loved everything!”
  • “It was unbelievable every day!”
  • “This trip to China was unlike anything you would ever do, see, taste or experience as a regular tourist. If you are looking to understand TCM, Qigong, traditional food choices for health and healing, and to see things the average person on a visit does not see, this is the trip for you!”
  • “It was a comprehensive 10-day journey of a beautiful country studying the heart, mind and soul of the most important medicine, Energy medicine. With Kevin’s scientific credentials and contacts in China he gave us a gift of extraordinary knowledge and many healthy lifestyle techniques that are invaluable. The generosity of spirit and gifts of treatments, knowledge and wisdom were filled with a hospitality and grace of the best from China’s culture and people.”
  • “I learned that a person’s emotional health is key to physical health. I enjoyed the country and the people very much. The accommodations, food, and tour guides were all wonderful.”
  • “Thanks for organising such a great trip and allowing me to tag along from the UK. You must have put a huge amount of effort into it but it was worth it (especially from our point of view), because it was so unique with so many different interesting things to do…”
  • “It was a fantastic experience. I got to see some incredibly beautiful places with a wonderful group of people while learning about both ancient and modern approaches to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong.”
Group photos from the 1st Wellness Tour

Group photos from the 1st Wellness Tour

Personally I enjoyed the tours and experience as much as everyone else since I also learned and improved through the tour.  Believe it or not, now one of my new job responsibilities is to bring more guests and friends around the world to China, and help people to understand TCM and Wellness practice while enjoy the beautiful and breath-taking sceneries and ancient culture…..  It is my great honor to announce that, Ennova Health, the company I am currently working with, will offer multiple TCM Health-Wellness Tours to China in 2018, please come back to the web site for more information. We can also offer customized tour according to your needs.   The next designed multi-city tour will take place in November 4-18 for 2018.  The itinerary of this two-week tour will be slightly different from the last one, with stops at Shanghai, Jinhua, Langfang and Beijing, plus an option to leave the tour early or later in case that you prefer a shorter or longer tour (see description below.    This 2-week TCM Health-Wellness Tour is designed for those who want to go close to mother-nature, study with the genuine healers and masters, and experience the TCM wellness (yang-sheng) practices in person, while enjoying the breath-taking scenery and traditional culture exploration in China.

U.S. guests visit to the Ennova Health Center.

The highlights of our next Wellness tour include:

  • Gathering in the largest city of China, Shanghai, featured with visit to the largest TCM museum and the Shanghai University of TCM; visit & experience of a large TCM wellness retail store; stay, study & experience at the Lisa Self-Healing Wellness Center, and enjoy the skyline of Shanghai and Pu river at the top of Oriental Pearl Tower.
  • Study and experience the Daoist culture & wellness practices in the Academy of Lao-zi (at the Jinhua Mountain Huang-Da-Xian ancestor temple), including morning practice, yang-sheng forms, Taiji, tea ceremony, classic Daoist works with introduction to feng-shui.
  • Get the 5-star VIP treatment at the ENNOVA Health Center, while stay in a 5-star hotel. Experience a complete 5-day TCM detoxification program after a check-up by the state-of-arts biological micro-magnetic detecting system, plus visit and study at the Academy of Seven-Cultivation, and the fun and study are endless…
  • Classes in TCM, as well as opportunities to experience various healing techniques at the Beijing Traditional Medicine Exchange Center (featured with Daoist forms and external qigong healing) – optional, with extra 3-days stay in Beijing.
  • Learning from the best at the special hand-on training of Emotional-Soothing Therapy with Teacher Feng-yuan Bao, one of top teachers in Oriental Wisdom. (extra only in November itinerary),
  • Learn and experience the human-natural correspondence by climbing the Great Wall of China, and visit to other beautiful sceneries in Beijing, including the unique experience in a local hot-spring spa…

If you are interested in this Wellness tour itinerary, but cannot attend this year for various reasons, don’t worry, we will offer the similar itinerary tour in the future.  More importantly, I will personally lead the first tour in August and make sure that everyone has the best experience and great time during your visit to China.

Here I would like to offer an outline and some itinerary on the main activities, training and experience in each site of this tour, which will help you to know more details about the tour, and decide whether this is the right tour for you this time or in the future.


Shanghai – The largest city with highest life expectancy in China

Shanghai is the largest city in China (more than 20-million residents), also known as the New York city in the East. As the matter of fact, the total number of skyscrapers in Shanghai has surpassed New York as the world’s number one in high-rising buildings. In addition, Shanghai has the longest subway system in the world – 567 km in 2014, much longer than the subway in New York or London. More importantly, Shanghai is the city of health and wellness, with the longest population life expectancy in China, about 82.51 years old in 2011, reaching the level of the most developed countries around the world. One of the contributing factors for the longevity in Shanghai is its advanced healthcare system and popular wellness practice.

Skyline of Shanghai

Day 1, the tour participants, arrived at Shanghai from around the world, will gather at the Wellness Club of Lisa Self-Healing, Inc. in a suburban area of Shanghai. It is a well-furnished wellness facility in an ancient Chinese style — Hui-style building.  You will soon experience the significance and application of Chinese wellness culture in daily life.

Wellness Club of Lisa Self-Healing, Where we will stay in Shanghai

Day 2, we have a long list of sites to visit.  First we will visit the Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine to get the first impression of TCM education in China. Shanghai University of TCM was established in 1956, one of the oldest TCM universities in China. It is also the home of the only official Research Institute of Qigong. We will spend most of  morning to visit the Shanghai Museum of TCM to get an overall and vivid picture about  Chinese medicine and its history in a short time. The predecessor of the Museum was the Museum of Medicine History by Chinese Medical Society, founded in 1938. After the museum, we will visit a TCM Wellness Clinic to learn and experience how the Wellness program is run as a healing shop to serve the urban community. In the afternoon we will quickly tour the skyline of Shanghai city, with the highlight to view the great Shanghai city at the observational deck of Oreintal Pearl Tower, possibly cruise the Pu river if time permits.

Shanghai University of TCM, ad Shanghai Museum of TCM

Day 3, we will study and experience some of the state-of-art modern and TCM health services at the Wellness Center of Lisa Self-Healing, Inc. Also known as the Energy-Awakening Group. The planned test and experience programs include: Energy-awakening through Seven Chakras, Energy boosting for brain, and bone-relaxing experience, and so on. Most of the wellness programs at Lisa Self-Healing are still new and innovative in Chinese market.  Hopefully they will bring us a unique and completely new experience in wellness and energy.  In the late afternoon, we will head to Hongqiao Railroad station to take express train to Jinhua, our next stop of the wellness tour.  This will be our first experience of China’s high-speed train at about 180 miles per hour.


Jinhua — A Daoism-Experience Class at a famous Daoist mountain 


The Daoist Temple at the Mount Jinhua

Have you ever dreamed of studying and practicing Daoism yang-sheng skills deeply in a mountain and with the real Daoist priests?  Here is your chance to just do that.  Mount Jinhua is a famous place for Daoist practitioners with the nickname of the 36th Cave-Heaven of Daoism.  Historically, Mount Jinhua  has been a Doaist holy-land for elixir refinement and cultivation.  It was said that the well-known Yellow Emperor and his teacher Nine-heaven Xuan-nv had both cultivated elixir and meditated there (that would be more than 2500 years ago).   There are actually two Daoist temples in the mountain — the Huang-da-xian Ancestor Temple and the Three-Qing Temple.  The Daoist practitioners in business from Hong Kong and Macao donated funds and built a famous Academy of Lao-zi there to help teaching Daosim culture and practice year around in the Huang-da-xian Ancestor Temple.  We will spend three days and nights at the Academy of Lao-zi, and study with the Daoist priests.  

The Huang-da-xian Ancestor Temple is the most famous Daoist palace in southern China, with a history of 1600 years, where Daoist immortal, Huang-chu-ping (黄初平) built the original temple and became immortal here.  Another Daoist ancestor immortal, master Lv-dong-bin (吕洞宾) also left many trials and stories in the mountain.  The Academy of Lao-zi offers Daoist classes and training years around, from two days to 30 days, not for making a profit, but for spreading the Daoist life philosophy and wellness practice, benefiting the people with affinity and the society…. (See its Chinese website at

海外学子眼中的道教文化–Jinhua Mountain Experience of Daoist Culture

The two-day Daoism-experience class is designed for beginners to learn and experience some basics in Daoism.  The contents of training include:

  • Early Morning Classes & Daoist chanting
  • Daoist Wellness Qigong Study: Natural ventilation method, Balance work, Induce Immortal Method,  Daoist standing Qigong
  • Daoist Classic Works study and its application in Feng-Shui (Feng-shui introductory class; Fengshui implies environmental energy and balance)
  • Daoist tea ceremony, and taste of tea
  • Visit to Daoist priest’s daily living, and famous meditation caves

Be prepared to get up early for the morning class and training, as the energy-exchange Qigong is supposed to be practiced before sun rising…  The temple will also offer Daoist vegetarian meals to the students, three times a day. Oh, the rooms in the Academy are all very nice, but the bed is not made of modern mattress, but some old-style Chinese wood-board, which is good for long meditation. 🙂

Click HERE to view some photos of Mount Jinhua on Facebook from our last tour.


LangFang – Five-star Experience in Wellness Care, Detoxification and Daily Living.

From Jinhua to Langfang, we will experience two completely different wellness cultures — from the gross-root Daoist wisdom of simplicity to the 5-star luxury & modern facility of science and technology.   Located in Langfang Development Zone (Hebei province), the Ennova Health Management Group is a secret “black horse” under the ENN group (a large energy company in China).  There are two main branches or relatively independent operations in this Health Group:  the  Tri-Healing Health Center (for wellness & healing) with an affiliated hotel, and the Academy of Seven Cultivation with Seven-Cultivation Hotel (to cultivate the virtue & general well-being).


External view of the Tri-Healing Health Center

The Tri-healing Health Center focuses on “treating not-yet-occurred diseases” (future illnesses), and its mission is to “let the world have less sickness.,”   The center uses the professional health managers as the link,  a team of general practitioners of holistic health as leading core, through the means of health monitoring, health assessment, management plans, treatment intervention, continuous service and other methods, the Center provides the intelligent health-management solutions of whole person,  whole process, and whole health, meanwhile, export health-operation business model and management model.  Integrating traditional Chinese medicine with modern medicine, the Center provides the latest international therapies in detoxification, energy, emotional health (three healings) and other healing products and solutions so as to help customers enjoy the body-mind-spirit comprehensive health!  Click HERE to read more about my visit to the Tri-Healing Health Center.

In addition to the health check-up and complete detoxification program, tour participants will also have the opportunity to experience TCM medicinal bath, cupping and therapeutic massage (acupressure).  Plus the chance to learn making different medicinal dumplings, and to taste the medicinal foods and the quality 10-serve vegetarian meal.  You will feel like a boss or VIP during your stay there.  (Click HERE to read more about the services you may get from the Center for Three Healing).

Interior views of the Center for Three Healing

The biological micro-magnetic detecting system is a new technology of noninvasive comprehensive health examination.  Through the analysis of small urine samples, it gives detailed results (in hundreds of data points) of the organs, nutrition, environmental toxins, and psychological emotions, as well as the personalized recommendations.  According to those who took the test, the results are pretty accurate in general.   There are many latest state-of-arts examining and treatment equipment at the Center, such as sleep monitoring, psychological stress testing (mental stress analyzer), relaxation bed (V8 body decompression chamber), body-function detector, quantum medical testing equipment…. you name it!

During our stay in LangFang, we will also visit the sister facility-hotel of Ennova Health Group – the Academy of Seven Cultivation and the Seven-Cultivation Hotel.  The Seven Cultivations, coming originally from Buddhism Shaolin Temple, refer to the cultivation of virtue, food, flower, music, calligraphy, fragrance, and Gong (Taichi & Qigong).  I am writing a separate article to introduce about this unique resort-style hotel and learning academy.  For half a day, we may not be able to experience every aspect of seven cultivation, but will definitely get basic ideas on what they are about, and have hand-on experience in music and calligraphic cultivation.

Click HERE to view some photos of the Tri-Healing Center at Ennova Health on Facebook from my last visit.

During the 5-day stay at the Ennova Health facility, we will spend an entire day to learn gathering Qi energy from nature and experience the human-nature correspondence, while tour some of key attractions in Beijing area.  We will spend half day to climb the Great Wall, or visit summer palace, and visit the Olympic Park as well as some driving-by sight-seeing since our main purpose of the tour is on Wellness study, but not on tour itself. If the weather permits, we will visit and relax at the famous Bazhou hot-spring spa, and get a unique relaxing and medicinal treatment in the natural hot spring…

If you are interested in more tours in Beijing area, we will make arrangement for you with extra 3-day tour afterward.


Beijing: Beijing Traditional Medicine Exchange Center.

Beijing Traditional Medicine Exchange Center is a healthcare and healing facility with a focus on traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong therapies. It used to be a special healing unit in the People Liberation Army to serve the military officials and emergency needs, and now an international exchange center (not affiliated with military any more) for traditional medicine and medical Qigong.  It plays an important role in training, studying and healing for various needs.  Please go to their web site to find out more details about the center ( their English needs some help in editing)

20110809.112521_110809-qigong1_bg_6The founder and chief physician of the center is Dr. Sujian Wan, who was born in a TCM family with multiple generations of doctors (his mother and daughter are both TCM doctors as well).   Dr. Wan started learning acupuncture at the age of 9, and has been well trained in Chinese medicine, martial arts, and Daoist Qigong.  He graduated from the Capital Medical College, and Beijing Military Medical School.   He is also a well-known Qigong master, featured in the documentary “Qigong – Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century.”  He was elected as the vice president of the World Academical Society of Medical Qigong in 2014.   The China Today, a magazine focusing on new development in China, reported about him in 2014.   (


The center has designed a special two-day study and experience course for our students, which will include morning wellness exercise, demonstration, Daoist wellness seminars, external Qigong therapy, Taiji monument Qigong, and Laojun Tang Lying meditation (a Daoist practice).  Each student will get an individualized TCM diagnosis, and then get healing experience in acupuncture, physical therapy, TCM foot bath, and external qi adjustment. Plus, a specially-prepared medicinal meal.  After all the exciting learning and experience, students will receive a certificate for completing the unique training at Beijing Traditional Medicine Exchange Center.

Click HERE to view some photos of Beijing Traditional Medicine Exchange Center on Facebook from our last tour.

Teacher FengYuan Bao

Extra Bonus in November:  To meet the needs of a special energy healing group,  we are adding two extra days in November tour (November 18-19) in Beijing, to focus on the special training of Emotional Soothing Therapy (EST) by Teacher Fengyuan Bao, who is the founder of Mind-Wisdom Medicine (which has been very famous in China), and has created and applied the EST to help thousands of people in China.   Through years of painstaking research and study on the consciousness philosophy and quantum physics, Teacher Bao combines the Eastern philosophical wisdom and Western scientific evidence for the effective integration of Einstein energy and material conversion science theory, based on his own experience and years of clinical practices, he put forward the theoretical points of view regarding the Mind-Wisdom Energy as following: (1) In this world everything we own or experience, including wealth, marriage, health, career, and interpersonal relationships, are all the results of material and energy interaction and exchange. (2) The effect of different energy on the materials can change the properties of that material.  While the influence of human mind-wisdom determines the convergence and dispersion of human energy. Human life and fate are the results of our mind-wisdom and energy presentation. (3) Material and energy have interdependence, interaction and mutual transformation of the relationship, so to enhance the mind-wisdom energy is to create tangible materials. (4) The human mind energy comes from the ideological realm, emotional treatment, family relations and genetic four aspects of the role and impact. (5) The mood or emotion is not only the greatest consumption of mind-wisdom energy, but also produce confusion, physical illness, interpersonal disputes, family conflicts and social problems. pt2017_05_14_17_32_57

It’s hard to describe the power and potential of mind-wisdom medicine and the Emotional-Soothing Therapy (EST) in this short piece, please read a recent publication by Teacher Bao on Examination of the Relationship between Emotional Disturbance and Tumors: Introduction to Emotional Soothing Therapy through Two-Case Studies of Uterine Fibroids to get the basic ideas.  For the first time, Teacher Bao will teach the EST to a group of foreign students, as you guessed, I will serve as the interpreter during the lecture.  The philosophy or slogan of Bao’s teaching is, “teach more people to help more people!”  If you are able to master the key EST skills through Bao’s training, it is more than worth the entire trip as you will become a real healer after you come back (Chinese paid over a thousand dollars to attend Teacher Bao’s training workshop).

The cost for the additional two days of training with Teacher Bao, $300 (all inclusive) for double occupancy, and $360 for single occupancy.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining in this group.

More Information about the Tour:

When:   August 5—19, 2018,  and November 4-18, 2018

Where:  Shanghai, Jinhua, Langfang, & Beijing  (上海、金华、廊坊、北京)

Cost & Registration: $1,650 & up VIP all inclusive (shared room)

  • $1650 for 12-day Wellness Tour (leave China two days early) double occupancy
  • $1995 for 14-day tour itinerary, double occupancy
  • Must register two weeks before departure date with signed registration form
  • $500 deposit required ($250 non-refundable) to reserve your spot
  • $290/$350 extra for single occupancy in lodge (no roommate)
  • Early-registration highly encouraged, as each tour limited to 30 participants
  • International flight is not included, and you need book your own flight – arrive at Shanghai, and leave at Beijing.
  • 3-day Beijing sight-seeing available at additional cost ($299)
  • Any question about the tour, email Dr. Kevin Chen at 

In order to ensure quality of service and study, the total number of participants is limited to 30 for each tour. Please click HERE to download the Ennova Wellness Study & Exp Tour Registration_2018;  return the signed registration form with payment to register (the tour takes only a total of 30 participants at first-come first-serve, so please register earlier for your spot).

Additional Note on the Tour and Cost: 

  • The all-inclusive tour (without int’l flight) costs US$1,650– $1995 (double- occupancy),including:
    • All lodges and meals (near 4-star standard lodge)
    • Medical diagnosis, treatment experience and services
    • All wellness and health lessens and training.
    • Domestic train (experience the high-speed train to travel at 190 MPH)
    • Tours and culture show tickets
    • Detoxification,  massage & medicinal bath (unless otherwise noted for personal massage)
    • Travel insurance (accident and illness)
  • International flight: We can help you book your international flight from your home town to Shanghai. The earlier you book, and more affordable it is.  It will be most convenient if you book flights from your city to Shanghai, and return from Beijing to your city (Use multiple cities option for online booking).  Please note, we can help book your flights once you register about 3 weeks before departure so that most participants can travel together with more affordable fight.
  • For those who wish having single occupancy, not share room with other, please add $350 for a total of 14 days, and $290 for the 12-day tour
  • Due to the limitation of training and service facility, the tour will take only 30 participants in total on the first-come first-serve base. The registration will close two weeks before departure date or when the maximum number is reached.
  • $500 deposit required when registering for participation ($250 non-refundable due to the penalty from canceling reservations), so that the trains and hotels can be reserved in your name. The rest balance is due on the day of arrival, either by cash or by bank debt card.  Our cancellation policy is based on trip director discretion and we do our best to help on a case-by-case basis.  As the departure date nears, it will of course be more difficult to provide full refunds due to fees and fares that we pay in advance.
  • You need a valid passport and a China Tourist Visa to make it to this China tour. If you don’t have a China visa yet, please do so at your early convenience. Once you decide to go, please get your China visa ASAP as China may change its policy on visa application process in response to president Trump tightening policy. We have reached agreement with a VISA service company in US for a discount price in full service, please go to web site: http://www.mychinavisa.comfor Visa information.
  • The entire trip will be led by Dr. Kevin Chen and a professional tourist guide.

If you are interested in participating in the tour, please download the TCM Wellness Study Tour Registration Form; return the signed registration form with payment to register as soon as possible. Thank you!

After all 30 spots are filled, late registrant will be placed in a waiting list, for possible fill-in later after possible cancellation, or when situation changes.  Thank you for your interests in this Tour!  Hope to see you in China some time soon.

We will offer other tours later in the year.  Meanwhile, for those who want to tour  Ennova Health Management facilities, we can make a special tour just for you as long as you can put together 10 or more people as a group.   Please contact Ennova Health at  or


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