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Thought I would take a few words and introduce myself as the new Editor-In-Chief. My name is Solala Towler and I have been working with Daoist philosophy and Yang Sheng practices for over 23 years. I have been publishing The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Daoist Thought and Practice for eighteen years, have published 12 books on qigong and Daoist philosophy and have had my life change in dramatic and magical ways by all of this (see my article below). I am just as excited and inspired by the vast and wonderful world of Chinese medicine, qigong and Daoist thought as when I first discovered it so long ago.

So when Kevin called me and asked if I would be interested in taking this project on, I thought for one and a half minutes about all the other projects I have going and then said yes! I already know some of you in this community and I look forward to getting to know the rest of you. I believe passionately in the world that we are representing here and I know many of you do as well.

Let us move forward then into this world of healing, inspiration and spiritual regeneration!

Solala Towler , Editor-in-Chief

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