The Empty Vessel

The Empty Vessel

The Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice

Publishing since 1993

The Empty Vessel is a quarterly publication exploring  Daoist philosophy and practice in daily life. In Daoism we can find a way of being, a way of accepting, a way of working with change rather than against the changes that life may bring us. Wonderfully illustrative texts such as the Dao-de-jing (Tao Te Ching) and Zhuang-zi (Chuang Tzu) offer inspiration, illumination, and expedient advice on life, death and all that lies between. In Chinese medicine we can find cure and comfort for many modern and not so-modern ills and complaints. With Daoist health practices such as qigong (chee gong) and taiji (tai chi) we can find ways to stabilize and balance our bodies, allowing us to lead long-lasting and healthy lives. Daoist sexual practices can guide us gracefully through the tricky and often dangerous labyrinth of human sexuality. The practice of feng shui can help us align ourselves with our inner and outer environment. Nei Dan or Internal Alchemy practices can help us reach deeper levels of self-cultivation and spiritual harmony.

With feature articles, essays, art and poetry and interviews with well-known authors and teachers. The Empty Vessel explores the philosophy and practices that have come down to us from the ancient achieved masters.


Meditation  •  Internal Arts  •  Self-Cultivation •  Daoist Philosophy  •  Yijing (I Ching)

Herbs  •  Taiji (Tai Chi)  •  Chinese Medicine  •  Qigong  •   Feng Shui

We are published four times a year. Subscriptions are $20 per year. Please see our website to order at We are always looking for good articles, stories and images for each issue.   Please email the editor, Solala Towler at if you have a story or some information you would like to share.


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