Life-nurturing regimen: As revealed by a centenarian

Life-Nurturing Regimen: As revealed by a centenarian, 101 years old

Reported by the United Daily News (Taipei)

If someone can live to the ripe old age of 101 years without any major health problems, still retain his natural teeth and the ability to read newspapers without glasses; he must have kept a good health regimen. With this in mind, Mr. Kai-chen Tsui (崔介忱), was interviewed by Taipei United Daily News reporters who hoped to learn his secret of longevity.

Mr. Tsui was born on January 12, 1910. He lives with his 96-year-old wife and a granddaughter who is over 40. When he was 66, he retire from his job at the Personnel Department, Police Bureau of Taiwan.

Mr. Tsiu is free of any ailments. He demonstrates his good health and flexibility by doing an acrobatic exercise of spreading his legs wide, at an 180 degree angle, bending forward from his waist, and touching the ground with his forehead, and then wrapping his legs around his neck, showing that the flexibility of his body is like that of a young child. Mr. Tsui also has the stamina to do 108 push-ups in a row.





Do not overfeed yourself at meals; sleep well; exercise daily;
be never in want of adequate nutrition;
always try to be happy; keep yourself free from worries and troubles;
and always retain a good sense of conscience;then you may live in youth
and health even when you have reached the age of 101


Mr. Tsui told the reporters: “The normal length of a human life span is around 5 to 6 times 25 years, i.e., around 125-175 years. The secret of healthy longevity lies in: adequate sustenance, adequate sleep, and adequate exercise, having a cheerful spirit and being happy”. (Before his retirement at 66 years of age, he was like others showing the usual symptoms of senility. After retirement he started relentlessly practicing a daily routine he learned as a young man when he joined the army and was sent to Manchuria. While he was there, this routine was taught him by a monk in a Buddhist temple in Manchuria. Since retirement he has practiced it without missing a single day.

He rises at 4:30 AM and opens his windows to let in the fresh air to circulate around his room, then goies back to his large bed to do his in-bed exercise.

He has never had to be in a hospital since retirement, nor has he had to use his medical insurance card.

His Life-nurturing Regimen:

1. The primary key to longevity is always be happy and be optimistic without quandary; the second key is living a regular life naturally, and the third is to exercise often, even when tired.

2. Exercise everyday his in-bed exercise in twenty modes (fetal breathing, hair-combing, eyes massaging, hips swinging, behind-ear rubbing, etc., etc. 20 modes)

3. Turtle breathing is to breathe deep and long, smooth, natural and regular in a completely relaxed mode, to stimulate self-healing power of your body.

4. Don’t skip breakfast, taking in soy-milk, porridge, whatever, frugally.

5. Take a walk in the nearby park after breakfast.

6. Walk to anywhere in the walking distance.

7. The diet should be composed mainly of veggies, and don’t be picky.

8. Eat not much meat and fried, frozen, over-spicy or salty food.

9. Stay away from the sweets.

10. Never blind-believe in organic foods, just buy the normal veggies from the groceries, and dip the veggies in water for 20 minutes before you rinse and cook.

11. Don’t eat those pricy foods such as abalone and shark’s fin, and just enjoy the simple tea and simple meals.

12. Never take anything besides drinking water after 7:00 p.m.

13. Never smoke, drink or chew gum or betel nuts.

14. For the health of brain-1: Use all ten fingers to “comb” your hair from front to the rear 108 times.

15. For the health of brain-2: Place your hands one on the forehead and the other on the back of the head to massage the head horizontally 108 times.

16. For the health of brain-3: Never play Mahjongg over eight rounds, and never sacrifice any sleep playing it.

17. For the teeth hygiene 1: Concentrate on your teeth and clench them tight together during bowel action to prevent teeth decay.

18. For the teeth hygiene 2: Don’t use toothpaste, but use only brush and salt to clean your teeth.

19. To preserve eyesight 1: Press the tips of your thumbs to press on both the Inner corners of your eyes 180 times.

20. To preserve eyesight 2: Use both the middle fingers and ring fingers to massage the rims of eyes outward 108 times.

21. To preserve eyesight 3: Use your salty saliva secreted by your teeth brushing to wipe your eyes.

22. To preserve good hearing 1: Use both middle fingers and ring fingers to hold both earlobes between and massage up and down 108 times.

23. To preserve good hearing 2: Use middle fingers to massage the areas in front of the upper earlobes 108 times.

24. To preserve good hearing 3: Use both hands to massage the entire area of the earlobes 36 times.

25. For the gastronomical health: Place your index, middle and ring fingers on the navel and rub 81 times clockwise.

26. For the health of bladder: Place your hands one on the top of the other below your navel and rub 108 times.

27. To alleviate waist pain: Lie down with both legs drawn to the tummy and kick out 108 times.

28. To alleviate hemorrhoid pain: Lie down and bend the tips of both feet inwards while contracting your anus 10 times.

29. To preserve leg strength: Lie down and bend the tips of both feet inwards while stretching both legs straight out and lifting them upward 30 times.

30. To keep shoulders straight: Holding hands together in front and lifting them above head 36 times.

31. To strengthen arms and waists: Do push-up 36 times.

32. Self-healing exercise: Sit still in lotus posture and breathe deeply 36 times with tongue licking the upper palate, while inhaling with nose and exhaling with mouth.

More photos with Chinese text:

See Youtube video of Mr. Tsiu’s exercises in Chinese:

[Recommended and Translated by Richard Kwan]

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