Joyeux Noel! Out of Ashes Come Flowers …

From the Doctor

Joyeux Noel! Out of ashes come flowers …

by Nadia Linda Hole, MD

Aloha. What a year!  With all that’s happening, seen & unseen, geo-physical, social-political, financial, psycho-spiritual – How’s this inescapable, undeniable, Shift for you?

We’re seeing more folks, admittedly including myself, whose worlds are crumbling in ways no logic could foresee, or prevent – at times overnight.  Poof!  Old 3D rules no longer apply.  What’s true one moment, may evaporate the next.  New map in process, not yet available.

What now? Amidst ever-changing whirlwinds of our times, blowing lives to the winds – How do we help those who come to us, & ourselves, Shift?

Thank heaven; the Five Elements are a tried and true map!  Patients, once their pain is relieved, often become curious re life changing messages their Five Element diagnosis, may have for them:

FIRE: Let spark of Fire burn away Sadness, and give a loving new Light, like the warmth of a campfire, to ALL your relationships.   How possibly? Connect in new ways that nourish you, in Joy! 

EARTH: Stand in the groundedness of Mother Earth to bury the past, release all worries, and let go burdens that aren’t yours.  How serve? In new ways, that bring greater you Sweetness, and ease.

METAL:  With each breath, intentionally eliminate, any and ALL toxic emotions, memories, regrets, shame, blame, resentment, guilt, etc.  These feelings probably aren’t even yours! Embryonically, lungs, large intestines, & skin, are about delineating You, from what’s not You (Boundaries). Breathe out toxins.  Focus on Breathing in good, life renewing, life transforming Qi, to cultivate/nourish the Essence that’s uniquely Yours. You’re well Worth it!

WATER:  Fear vs Love?  Waves of the ocean can smash you, or carry you.  Water is the element of both your sexual organs and your brain. (Remember men having two heads?) Rather than bowing to the reptilian brain of fear – What would be fun and exciting for you to Birth? Create? What gives you Passion? How can you make your life, more like surfing?

WOOD:  Frustrated? Angry? Disappointed? Working too hard?   Breathe out effort.  Say “No More” to whatever’s bilious!  How’s each moment, possibly a Blessing in disguise?  How about simply breathing in Springtime?  In Grace, are you willing to trust the infinite Qi possibilities of New Beginnings, New Life?

Happy 2012! What messages do the Five Elements have for you?  Our time has come.  Our time is Now. Many Blessings & Joyeux Noel

[Nadia Linda Hole MD, as a graduate of Princeton, Duke, & Oneness Universities, is a long time practitioner & teacher of Qigong, for community & medical organizations. She has served as a consulting editor for Chinese Medical Qigong; a contributing author of chapters on Qigong & Koryo Hand Therapy for the medical textbooks Alternative & Complementary Treatment in Neurologic Illness (Michael Weintraub MD), Pain Management- A Practical Guide for Clinicians (Richard Weiner PhD), & Cardiac Illness – Integrative Treatment & Prevention (Frishman MD & Micozzi MD); & on the faculties of the American Academy of Pain Management, American Holistic Medical Association, & World Congress on Qigong. One of her passions is a more heart centered, Qi approach, for medicine. As an ordained spiritual healer, & Sufi “master” teacher, currently residing in Hawaii; she also hosts Dolphin Qi Pilgrimages, & helps anchor an international interfaith, Remembrance telecall, for peace.]
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