The Yin Yang of Solar Flares, Heaven on Earth and Other Changes

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The Yin Yang of Solar Flares, Heaven on Earth and Other Changes

by Nadia Linda Hole

Solar flares! Earth changes! – What in the Yin Yang is happening?  Anyone else feeling “flared”?

What amazing times! We’ve had nearly 30 solar flares in March alone. The earth’s magnetic field, poles, & even gravity, are also changing, measurably so.  Science headlines report “Fundamental Constants (of nature) ‘Change’: Gravity Weaker, Electromagnetic Force Stronger.” (Science Daily, July 20, 2011)

Here in Hawaii, I live down the road, from a green highway “End of the Road” road sign. I live by the ocean, on lava, with molten lava a walk away. –  Ocean depths vs. crashing waves – Solid rock vs. red hot lava – Stillness vs. movement … Yin vs. Yang. Here on this sacred rock, in the middle of the ocean, I find myself asking, “What? Why? How?”  I observe patients & colleagues, asking likewise, each in their own way.

Clinically, we’re seeing folks, presenting with mysterious external symptoms, often with no apparent cause. The louder, often silent, cry, is internal. Children are often the “IP identified patient,” clearing energy for the family.

Like Mother Earth, we’ve currents flowing through our bodies – via blood, nerve, & lymph systems. Currents produce electro-magnetic fields.  Our hearts generate the strongest field, more powerful than our brain’s. Electro-magnetic fields affect each other. Your heart, as a field generator, is the organ of your feelings.  We’re 80% water. Water carries the energy stamp of emotions (Emoto). Like ocean tides, the oceans within us are subject to gravity.  As gravity gets lighter, it’s harder hold on. Solar flares, earth changes, “gravity weaker, electromagnetic force stronger” … Bingo!

Holy Shift! How could you not experience intensified feelings, both “good” & “bad,” harder to hold on? – Heart is the element of fire, sadness vs. joy.  Water element is about fear, rigidity & control, vs. love, passion, & creation. In our practice, we’re definitely seeing folks discovering tidal waves of feelings.

So what? What now?  As qi practitioners, how can we apply yin yang to help “shift” ourselves, & our patients, with as much ease, grace, love, comfort & joy as possible?

One aspect of yin is the Moon. One aspect of yang is the Sun. Father Sun, Mother Moon; Divine Masculine vs. Divine Feminine. Father Sun knows he’s “The Sun” & just shines & shines & shines; whether or not anything gets burned. The Sun’s knows his job is to simply radiate Light.

Mother Moon knows she’s “The Moon”. In the darkness of the night, she simply receives the Light of the Sun. By just receiving & reflecting the Light of the Sun, she brings Light to the darkness of the night.

How can we each be more like the Sun?  Are we willing to fully honor & express the Sun within us? How can we each be more like the Moon?  Are we willing to trust that only by receiving, we’ll shine?

Ultimately, Yin Yang is about relationships – In the Yin Yang symbol, we become whole & one; only with the Yin within the Yang, & Yang within the Yin. We find ourselves in each other, in love, in community – the space, when all’s said & done,  we’re simply one – One Heart, One Love, One Greater Body.

So yes! – If you at times feel like you’re in the fast lane, upside down, with an outdated map…  If at times, you feel it wouldn’t be so bad to be a turtle … welcome! You’re just getting “flared,” or levitated.  Maybe time to let go, lighten up, & just let yourself shine?

Solar flares! Gravity weaker! Electromagnetic force stronger! – As light gets lighter, dark gets darker – relax!  Happy being “Lightened.”  As above, so below.  After all, Heaven on Earth is just a process. Blessed Be.

Nadia Linda Hole

Nadia Linda Hole, MD is a long time Qi practitioner, teacher, & pioneer; with degrees from Princeton, Duke, & Oneness Universities; & author of chapters on QiGong & KHT for medical textbooks.  One of her passions is bringing a more Heart centered, Qi approach to medicine.  Check out Roots to Wellness, World Congress QiGong, May 25-28,; & her HA Dolphin Pilgrimages 2012.  Contact info: Nadia Linda Hole MD, 808-987-7268,



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