An Era of Openness Through Raising the Kundalini (2)

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An Era of Openness Through Raising the Kundalini (Part 2)

by Raven Cohan

“A human being is part of the whole called by us ‘the universe.’ Our task must be to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty.”

This quote is from Einstein.

If you haven’t read the first part of this article, please consider looking at it in the Yang Sheng archives at the March edition.  As an author, I am biting off a huge subject that historically has people split in believing or not believing in world-wide ancient systems of rather sophisticated knowledge.  It is the premise of this essay to understand why many respected scientists feel they can’t even speak about the possibilities of lost civilizations, without feeling that their reputations will be besmirched in doing so.  In hoping to remove fear, questions are asked and you must conclude for yourself.  Whether you are a scientist, spiritually religious or believe in only what you see as YOUR truth, you are asked to stay as open as you can be.

It would be good if you understood my background that helped me to develop these beliefs presented here, through what I have read.  The library was a refuge to me from 15 years of age.   My hope was to find answers which my Rabbi would or could not answer for me.  Perhaps another Rabbi would have been more informative because there is existing lore that can be interpreted that we are all the Chosen People. What my adult years eventually allowed, was to obtain more patience in receiving answers. What I came to feel and know in my heart, however is that humanity once long ago, could think our thoughts as ‘one being’ to evolve to a time when we eventually became ‘each other.’  At fifteen I had written about many of my questions that I later found I had echoed from literature I had yet to read.  It seemed to me that we came and went through many lifetimes and humans could help themselves to explain how civilization evolved.  You don’t have to believe now or ever, much of what is here stated.

Many Ancient peoples have called an eternal pool of information the ‘Akashik Records.’  We had minds that were not encased in flesh.  Just as birds can fly in a ‘V’ formation, individual DNA can make complicated formations and turn them into each of our individual mineral, plant, animal and human organs.  All those organs have their individual tasks to perform in the bodies of multiple species that become more efficient as our needs required.  How can organs know how to do their jobs and how to live peacefully with other organs in our animal/mammal and other so-called ‘lower species’ bodies? (Sometimes in one’s life, peaceful organs transform into chaotic organs due to cancer cells taking the place of healthy ones.) DNA has been a communicator in many forms for eons.  We might call it the voice of God within, and for those who don’t have such beliefs, but are scientifically minded, the modern biological understandings are being verified.  There are many who hold the theory that people with muddied (and to the extreme) chaotic thinking are more likely to see cancer be diagnosed than those who are at peace.  This is not a failure on an individual’s part.  We become who we are due to varied conditions. We need not cast upon ourselves shame or guilt.

Quoted here is one modern biologist who is well known and happens to be a personal acquaintance: “I believe that there is no such thing as junk DNA in our bodies. I believe everything in our bodies has a function, we just haven’t been able to identify everything yet.”  See Note # 1. This gracious statement from Graciela Krikun, Ph.D., thrills me. Receiving any support from a scientist who is open enough to look toward the advancements that will cancel out some layers of ideas that hold us away from future understandings is a great value. She, in reading my entire article, does certainly not at this time believe in many of the statements here.  Yet I will go on asking us all to stay open, as Graciela does want to simply be open.

The following takes you on a side track for the sake of hoping to make a point that will come back to where we left off:  The science of today which enables people to trace their ancestry via their genes, has shown that many curious seekers who search the ever growing files, in disproportionate numbers, find relatives from the past who were quite noted individuals.  How can that be, I must ask?  We seem to be, even as separate races, much more connected to families beyond the histories carried from generation to generation.

In Part One, I mentioned the saying, “All my Relations,”  that is a greeting in the Lakota Sioux language which expresses the hope that humanity can see itself coming from one source.  And it is the premise of this article to supply my own and others’ experiences that a means to doing so is through understanding the powerful energy inside each human that has been called the Kundalini.  Our human species needs help in dropping our tendencies to separate.   How can we deepen our wonder about the possibilities born in us so that more people become interested in experiments that will put into their own hands tools used by ancient people that many in modern life simply discard.

To enable more of humanity to aspire toward an attitude of openness, it would be necessary to offer proof, as an example that inherently within us, most humans prefer and require peace over conflict. We require a method to recover history before there was a human species that learned to write.  Isn’t it clear through history that humanity wants to advance itself by continually inventing objects that we have found during history?  From primitive objects to the most advanced, it is well known that we are amazingly creative beings.

In July 2010, an article in National Geographic covers a species that is a rather ape-like hominid found in Eastern Africa that is a million years older than famous “Lucy,” who was dated to be 3.2 million years old.  The scope of this article cannot fully illuminate upon the science of archeological findings.  No matter how you see your vision of our ancestors and the recorded or imagined roots of our development, it is important for self-explorers to look newly at that which was written in all the different bibles in the world, only a bit more than 5,000 years ago.  There are many clues in the many bibles, yet we must not get stuck in views which ignore a syllogism.  We need to look at the recurring patterns that have shaped us.  We need to consider evidence uncovered in recent years of the 12,000 year old people recovered from a dig in Israel from University of Connecticut. Those people in the upper bank near Lebanon, had communal feasts already occurring. Also 35,000 years ago in the Hohle Fels cave in Germany, flutes, drums and beer were brought up from Africa.  A recent dig unearthed them. In that same area, a clay figurine was unearthed which was dated 5,000 years earlier than the instruments and beer.  Our physical selves have evolved for way longer than thought through these recent findings and show an advanced type of human who thrived in creating various arts.  People were not just squatting and scratching themselves like higher apes.

The lore of many world-wide natives tribes includes this understanding that we come from, “the core of the earth… and all the peoples of the earth came out through holes in the potential continents with different languages and colors of skin.” See Note #2. That quote to me, has me envision the ability Natives have to pass on their connection to the core of the earth (that was richly packed with DNA that in a minor “bang-like” explosion, made the all- knowing DNA able to spread out from some dense cell, perhaps as Jesus said in the Christian bible, producing all there is from ” the size of a mustard seed.”  The Hindi teacher, Rajneesh wrote an entire book about that. Note #3.

We must keep on uncovering truths from Ancient times. Learning and sharing information amongst all these categories of beliefs will help greatly.  If telescopes are known to show earlier evolutions of planets and stars in space, then why should we not believe that the histories of those earlier times will one day be revealed? Looking at the stars and planets as the macro and humanity as the micro has been done for ages.  When will we invent the scientific instrument that is a mechanical ‘scope’ that will reveal all history to us? Deep exploration in Kundalini reveals that the scope is within us and the Akashic records comes not from somewhere far from us.  The time machine has been dreamed about, and is enticingly used by novelists galore.  Might such themes have emerged out of creative authors’ dreams?  Perhaps they ‘tapped into’ Akashik records? My friend, Ms. Krikun does not yet believe that part of this theory!.

Certainly in this millennium, many more people believe there are psychics who ‘channel’ information.  Yet until it is proven, do not most scientists wait until proof arrives?  It is often stated that it usually takes another 50 years or more for newly discovered information to become commonly understood and taught.  The Chinese have a name for the part of us that doesn’t die, but goes on into a new human spirit.  It is called the ‘Hun’.  I believe most people require many lifetimes for that Hun energy to expand and evolve to permit tuning into a sophisticated instrument that reads below the surface such as some of our ancestors did.  More people are seeing on internet and TV many types of shows that take them via a front row seat to the latest discoveries.

Here is more of what I believe: Human spirit emerged from Oneness spirit into denseness into spirit into denseness and back and forth ad infinitum.  Uncountable and possibly, unknowable numbers of years ‘WE’ have been ‘knowers.’ For up until now we know about the life on only one planet that we name Earth. (Although many ‘channels’ believe they know histories on other planets and galaxies.)  Even Dr. Edgar Mitchell believes in U.F.O.s and life from other planets.  Is it not time to merge formerly conflicting information together to sort out the deepest truths of all our religions and sciences.  All humanity needs to find ways to blend our knowledge. Modern Quantum physics parrots what ancient people knew:  Time and space are illusions.

Nigel Brush is an associate professor of geology at Ashland University in Ohio and wrote an article in ‘Science and Theology News’, Mar. 2006. The title is, “An Imperfect Equation: Why Absolute Truth Cannot Be Defined.”  Although he comes from the school of thought in his personal beliefs known as “Creative Evolution”, it is also my credo that: “…today’s scientific truths are tomorrows’ falsehoods.”  He reminds us that, “scientists and non-scientists often resort to alternative methods of arriving at conclusions.”  In the core of this article, has been put forth an assertion:  An ancient method of going within our own bodies and energy fields’ life forces that helps us begin focusing our minds to raise our Kundalini which has for many seekers revealed ways to stay healthy and peaceful.  Can you neither believe anything without testing it out nor not believe anything without testing it out?  Every true believer has hope that the whole world should try their way. But people first have to hear of such a thing as Kundalini or other similar obscurities and get curious toward the experimenting that they might attempt.

Ancient peoples who experimented with Kundalini energy diligently, received results in being stronger and healthier and surviving when others did not.  Some channels don’t need this method and get it “directly.”  Kundalini circulation is a way into the source of the One, for those who need a boost.  Humanity wouldn’t have to have developed different methods and beliefs if everyone could learn via the exact route.  We need different pathways.

As I conclude the writing of this essay at my age of 65, I look back through the first ten of 50 years of seeking wisdom.  (A drop in the bucket of time, is it not?) In those years after I turned 15, reading and writing about my developing beliefs was a major concern.  I explored to the point where for 45 years I increasingly have taken charge of my own health and evolution.  I am confident in how to exercise my mind, body, spiritual, emotional and energetic bodies.  As my theory and practices have come to be eventually enabling me to see auric fields around the physical, other energies may remain invisible. But I can quickly come to wonderful and blissful health even in the middle of life’s disruptions.  It makes me grateful that a path was opened up and I was able to continue and never stop developing within the ONE.  Many forbearers brought to me information in the right doses at the right times in my life.  I’ve heard many other seekers say the same thing.

Thank you for reading this article.  It is my vision that you might choose to keep reading more and finding great teachers to escort you in your journey toward fresh thoughts to ponder.  By then you will have read enough to not get mixed up and think that because it is spiritual energy and requires a sexual energy to be powerful, it will be against any other beliefs.  With proper guidance you will find that these energies are more safely taken than a modern pill with dozens of warning labels. To be ‘One with Tao’ is the belief in a Oneness that must be un-named in order for it to remain oneness.  My own Judaism with its Kabalistic understandings, well corresponds to the Taoist understandings in many ways! Do you not want to call upon your own brand of God/Quantum/Tao energy?  Unname the name you love!  No one has to stop you if you don’t stop anyone else from their beliefs!  You might take an energy ride that will escalate you toward a brighter and more hope-filled future. The circuitry of information inside you is waiting to be installed.  It is the ‘vessels’ and the ‘fluids’ at once. It is visible and invisible all at once. It is poetry and fact at once.


Note # 1. Graziela Krikun, Ph.D. works as a research scientist in Obstetrics, Gynocology and Reproductive sciences at Yale University.

Note # 2. This quote was heard by the author from the Medicine lineage carrier of the Native American tribe that lives on the mesa called ‘Acoma’ for 1300 years in New Mexico near Albuquerque.

Note # 3. ISBN 0880505958 (0-88050-595-8) The Mustard Seed by  Rajneesh, also know as Osho.

Raven Cohan

Raven Cohan is a teacher and author who is writing a book of her experiences of her teacher’s system called Universal Healing Tao.  His name is Mantak Chia.  Raven is a Senior instructor there.  She has other teachers and not all believe we must find our own ways to come to the Oneness of respect and gratitude that will help us to better evolve as beings and care-takers. This one planet Earth we know certainly habituates life.  Let’s all grow! See Raven’s web site at  There you can find other articles and links.



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