Cycle of Harmony – 7 Principles To Creating Harmony

[Cycle of Harmony]

7 Principles To Creating Harmony

In Your Life

by Jing Jin

My friend Alec, a talented musician, told me recently that there’s a lot of similarity between music and math, and that when he played music he often felt like solving math problems.

At first, his statement surprised me. I have a MBA in finance and I know numbers pretty well. In my mind, the harmony and beauty of music seem to have little to do with dry and lifeless numbers.

Upon further reflection, though, his statement began to make sense to me.

Underneath beauty and harmony, there are natural laws that govern everything. When we abide these laws, we create beauty and harmony; when we don’t, there will be disharmony, chaos and even destruction.

This must be true in our daily life as well. So what are the laws of harmony, and how can we apply them to create harmony in our lives?

I came up with seven of them. Here they are:

1. Be complete and whole. The universe is all encompassing. It’s complete and whole. While being just a microscopic part of the universe, each of us is complete and whole as well – as we are, who we are, where we are – in our lives, in our health, work and relationships, every moment of the day.

When we live in accordance with the principles of wholeness and completeness, we live in harmony. This means to live with integrity and truth – expressing ourselves authentically, making an honest living, and keeping our agreements, both with others and ourselves.

2. Live from the inside out. Our outer life is a reflection of our inner life. When we create harmony in our mind and body, we experience harmony in our outer world as well.

This means to be vigilantly aware and let go of any negative thought patterns and behaviors that may block the harmonious flow of life, so love, success and abundance can flow into our life without obstruction.

3. Balance yin and yang. In our success-driven and consumption-oriented culture, yin and yang are out of balance. It takes conscious efforts to balance them in our daily living – balancing work and play, activities and rest, excitement and contentment, ambition and acceptance, materialism and spirituality.

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4. Live in the Einstein time. Many of us either feel constantly rushed, without enough time to do all the things we want to do, or feel bored with too much time on our hands. The truth is that we’re where time comes from – we can expand time by doing what we love and spending time with people we love, or we can condense time by doing the opposite.

Creating a harmonious relationship with time is one of the key ingredients to living a harmonious life. And the key is to be fully present with whatever you’re doing, to live in the present moment – not the past, not the future.

I must admit that this is the biggest challenge for me. But with practice, I’m getting better at it every day.

5. Expect change. The unbendable law of nature is change, whether we like it or not. If we form a mindset to expect and accept changes in our day and our life, we’re much more likely to live in a state of harmony.

6. Live in the flow. There are certain cyclical flows in nature. The sun rises and falls. The moon waxes and wanes. The seasons come and go. There’s time for everything. To live in harmony is to learn to live with the flow of life rather than against it.

7. Grow and expand. If something is not growing, it’s decaying and dying. This requires us to continuously renew, shedding the old and creating the new. This also offers exciting opportunities for us to expand in love, joy, success and abundance.

May we all live in harmony, starting from our inner world and expanding into our outer world. May we all experience love, joy, beauty and harmony – every moment of every day…



Jing Jin

Jing Jin, MBA — is the founder of, a website that provides tools/programs, content, and community support to empower women to heal their menstrual disharmonies, naturally.  Jing has a BS degree in economics and a MBA degree in finance/marketing, but she did not go to business world after school, instead, her personal suffering and spiritual exploration lead her to a different life path — to help as many people as she can to activate and live out their life purposes so that we can create more meaningful and fulfilling lives, families, and communities.  Jing is currently pursuing her Master Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yo San University in Los Angeles.




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