Qi Cultivation and Dao – Balanced Emotional Flow with Qigong

Qi Cultivation and Dao

Balanced Emotional Flow with Qigong

by Dr. George Love

We all have emotions. Emotions are meant to be expressed and when expressed in a healthy manner contribute to our overall well-being. What happens too often is that emotions are not expressed. In fact, they are suppressed, very often over a period of years. According to Chinese Medical diagnoses, sooner or later, this will cause illness in the body.

Whatever is not expressed remains in the body and becomes stagnant over time. The body fluids become like a swamp. In many cases, these suppressed emotions actually congeal and manifest in the form of tumors, rashes, irregular growths, illnesses and pain.

Emotions that are not expressed are as toxic to the body as any other kind of poison. In Chinese medicine there is a close link between the major organ systems and the main emotions. These links are so strong that disharmonies in organ function can be diagnosed by observing emotional holding patterns. Likewise, emotional disharmonies can be treated by the organ system that corresponds.

According to Chinese Medicine, Stagnant Qi can be caused by emotions stuck in the body. For example: anger causes the muscles to contract that restrict blood flow and blood oxygen. Then nutrients don’t get delivered, organs get starved, break down and disease results. The same is true for anxiety which  causes the back and leg muscles to contract;  worry, obsession, and compulsion cause the digestive organs to contract; and grief, loss and denial cause the respiratory muscles to contract.

  We transform from emotional stagnation to emotional release through our Qing Lung Qigong and the 5 Transformations Dance.


Emotional Balancing is our goal in Blue Dragon Qigong to create serenity, tranquility and quiescence. We identify the issues that are causing dysfunction: the 3 Poisons of anger, avoidance and addiction; the 4 Heart Hurts, the 7 Deadly Emotions, the 6 Energy Thieves of cravings and the 5 senses, and the Demon of Greed for power, possessions and perversion. If someone were to contact us for diagnosis pre-dance we can prescribe specific Qigong exercises from the 14 Meridian internal exercises that are appropriate.


Blue Dragon Qigong– 5 Transformations Dance

Qing Lung Qigong aka Blue Dragon Qigong is the antidote to this stuck energy and reverses stagnation by moving qi and blood through restricted areas. We perform specific movements to increase flow of blood and qi and benefit specific organ systems.

There are 14 exercises in this set of Medical Qigong that activate specific acupuncture meridians.

Exercise #2 stimulates Stomach and Spleen Meridians and we choose this one for the emotions of worry/obsession/compulsion. It is very similar to waving hands like clouds in Taichi. The Dance move is rubbing your belly hand over hand in clockwise fashion while rolling hips side to side. {Figure 1} 

Figure 1: Stimulate Spleen

Exercise #3 stimulates Large Intestines and Lung Meridians. We choose this one to antidote grief and sense of loss and denial.  The Dance move starts with elbows out to side with hands down and then raising your hands in the air keeping arms perpendicular to the body with rhythm from side to side.  We call this one “Lift your Lungs”. {Figure 2}

Exercise #5 stimulates Pericardium and Triple warmer meridians.  We call this one  “Open your Heart”. The Dance move raises arms in the air over your head and waving side to side in rhythm.  {Figure 3}

figure 2Exercise #6 stimulates Liver and Gall Bladder meridians. We choose this one to balance anger, frustration, resentment, shame, blame and/or guilt. The Dance move is called “Pick up the bucket, Throw out the water”. We shift the weight to left leg and lift out right heel while throwing water over left shoulder.  We then shift weight to right leg and lift left heel.  {Figure 4}

figure 3Exercise #7 stimulates Kidney and Bladder meridians. The Dance move places feet together bent over at waist with arms in prayer position and shift left and right like a windshield wiper. We call this one “Clean your Kidneys”.

You can see all of these exercises and Dance moves on Youtube.com/mysticmaster49


Emotional Acupressure as Qigong Drumming

We utilize Acupressure to break up stagnation with the Mo points, sometimes mistranslated as Alarm Points. The 3 Dantians of Jing (CV3-4), Qi (CV15-17) and Shen figure 4(GV 23-24) are patted in a rhythmic pattern to the same music as the Dances. We call this Qigong Drumming.  We also pat the Lung area (LU 1-2), Liver area right (Liv 14), Spleen Area left (Liv 13), Kidneys (GB 25).  According to Manfred Porkert, the Mo points will treat energetic stagnation and chronic diseases of the organs. Soulie de Morant says the Mo points will tonify a meridian as supplementary to specific tonification points. He points out they are used for illnesses of the Yang in the Yin – e.g. if Organ problems (Yin) came from perturbed feelings (Yang). As part of the Blue Dragon Qigong Dance we pat or slap these areas as drumming the body Qigong for emotional release.

Background and History

14 Meridian Exercises is an authentic family Qigong taught from 17th century by Master Li Bing Yuan aka John B.Y. Lee. Lung Qing Qigong or Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong was taught to me as the only medical Qigong that utilizes the 12 regular meridians and 8 extraordinary meridians. I learned the six healing breaths and the six magic sounds. Standing and Walking Qigong was taught as part of the healing practice of emitting Qi.

Prevention is the Only Cure

According to Chinese medical theory, all pain, all diseases have an emotional component. Blue Dragon Dance to the Cure saves lives by moving energy through organs deficient in Qi and blood. It is critical for people to be able to release their negative energy. For those with serious illnesses, it’s the difference between life and death.  If you are serious about healing yourself, it is important that you practice the Five Transformations Dance weekly.


Dr. George Love

Dr. George Love

George Love Jr. is a primary care physician licensed in Florida since 1986. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM) and licensed Acupuncture Physician, he is qualified to prescribe herbs (herbalist) and therapeutic diets (food therapist).  He is the former Dean of Acupuncture Studies at Barna College of Health Science in Ft. Lauderdale, and the author of six health books including S.H.I.E.L.D. Your Immune System in Just 12 Weeks, Meridian Chi Gong, You Won’t find Love in the Refrigerator and Ear Reflexology Massage Your Ears to Health.  He has been involved in the Alternative Health industry for 30 years both as an educator and health care provider.  He teaches Self Healing workshops across the country on Ear Reflexology, Meridian Chi Gong, 4 Doors to Healthy Happiness and 21 Days to Wellness. You can find more information about him at www.4DoorstoHealth.com


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