Yin Yang You

[Spirituality of Dao 道之 神]

By Raven Cohan

shutterstock_7576456_epsavailA swirl on one side, black.

A swirl on the other side, white.

A dot in the thick parts…

Like a star in the night

And a cinder in the cream.

The two parts mesh together, (a team…)

As eternal mates they link.

But reality has them in motion.

Only then you get the notion

That they represent the ocean

Of Extreme opposites

Yin and Yang.

You are that.

That is you. Yes it’s you.

Before that split

You were Wu Chi too….

Before the split happened

A Oneness was a Womb.

And you’ll return there after…

‘You’ are put in a tomb.

Yin Yang Defined

Raven.CohanRaven Cohan is writing a book about her studies with Master Mantak Chia.  She is a Senior Instructor of his system since ’10, but is certified since 1983 and has ten certifications.  She writes for many local S. Florida magazines and some national and internet ones, plus has nice conversations on groups in Linked In and Facebook. She enjoys writing poems also. This photo was taken last summer in the area around Mt. Shasta, California. Past and presently, her life is so interesting and she enjoys it greatly. You might care to look at her website: www.taoTLC.com  Raven lives in Hollywood, FL. USA
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