Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities at Yang-Sheng

world institute for self healingYang-Sheng is an E-magazine and network run by the non-profit World Institute for Self Healing (WISH), and all of our writing, editing and publication are done by volunteers since we do not have a stable financial support to it at this moment.  We welcome more volunteers join us to serve the community and to make Yang Sheng a better place for everyone.  Together we can build a unique community of our own that is dedicated to a healthy, happy and harmonious life for all.

Here are the things you may consider to help us for a better E-magazine and online community:

1) You may start writing a column for Yang Sheng (养生), if you are passionate to write.  You can write anything for the existent column (see web site for details) or start your own column.   We will list you as a columnist. You need write about 3-4 times a year, the more the better as long as you enjoy what you are writing.

2) You may review new books or classic books that you think our readers may be interested in, and write a book review or new media review once a while

3) You may help search internet to help us finding the interesting links (web sites, videos, inspirational story, and news), and add a brief introduction and present those links to the readers so that they do not have to search it themselves

4) You may help collecting interesting quotes, inspirational quotes or stories, jokes related to mind-body cultivation (such as Daoism, Buddhism, Yogo and meditation) and share them with the readers.

5)  If you are bilingual, you may help us translate some materials from other language into English, we especially need bilingual volunteers to translate from Chinese to English.

6) Other things you may contribute to this virtual community may include:

  • Refer Yang Sheng to the merchants, companies or schools who may be interested in advertising in our web site and magazine.
  • Help pass the words around and get more people subscribe the e-magazine, explore the possible access to email lists of other practitioners of qigong, taiji, yoga, reiki, mindfulness, and mind-body medicine, and we will invite them to join us.
  • Recommend experts in the field to write for the e-magazine

7)  Last but not least, you may make financial contribution to Yang Sheng, or to WISH, if you have the ability, so as to help us to pay the bill and staff to run the web sites, and eventually publish hard-copy of Yang Sheng magazine for the health community.  Your contribution will be tax-deductable if you are in the U.S.

Please contact us at editor@yang-sheng.com or info@yang-sheng.com if you decide to help us one way or other, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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