Proverbs of Yang Sheng

Winter Health

By Tina Zhang

冬三月,此藏。水冰地坼,无扰乎阳; 此冬气之应,养藏之道也。

We call Winter the season of restoration. Let the water freeze and let the ground crack, do not disturb the Yang Qi or expect to change the cold. This is the energy that winter should be, and the time to store Yang Qi inside.

Seasons are gifts that nature offers and humans receive and enjoy. Cold and warm make the yin and yang of nature. One of the important aspects in yang sheng is living with nature and harmony with the seasons, and do the best possible things for your health in each season.

Since winter is the opposite of summer, winter is the balance to summer. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine nurturing life theory, winter is the best season to restore Yang energy, and nourish the kidneys by gentle movement and warm food.


“A famous Ming dynasty physician Zhang Jing Yue’s said: ” The best who know how to cultivate Yang energy will find it in Yin; the best yin energy balance will be dug out from Yang power.” So the winter shouldn’t be the most complained about season, instead it should be recognized that best Yang cultivation is in the most Yin season. What do we do about our winter cultivation?

1. Food

Winter food keeps the body warm. More “Yang” food has greater nutritional value to allow the body to process more Yang energy. Cooked vegetables are more beneficial to the body’s yang energy and are more easily digested than cold salad. Generally, eating food in an environment where the temperature is close to the body’s temperature is beneficial.

2. Keep warm. Avoid getting worse chronic diseases.

The winter is not the season for people who already have disease. The body takes a great amount of internal adjustment in the winter, especially the sudden change from indoor and outdoor temperatures. If one is not fully prepare enough to keep the body warm their health will be impaired.

3. Prepare for the spring.

If winter is here, is spring far? Our body and mind need some rest. Winter is a good time to plan things for the spring by gathering the winter’s solid energy to make something grow in springtime. Winter is also a great time to nurture the mind while we have more time to read and find peace — not only peace against war and violence, but peace based on pure thoughts and joy. That will make a miracle spring!


The famous Ming physician Jingyue a famous saying: “good yang who will find in the yin yang; good yin tonic who will in the sun and seek shade.” Gradual decline for the kidney of the sex fluid elderly, winter can be equipped with fresh turtle, turtle, wolfberry care.

Greetings from Beijing, winter, 2010 -2011

[Tina Chunna Zhang – studied with the most respected Martial Artists in China – Grandmaster Li Bing Ci and Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru – and currently practices as well as teaches traditional Northern Wu Style Taijiquan and Cheng Style Baguazhang. Ms. Zhang studied at Beijing University and was mentored by Dr. Kong Si, one of the most famous Traditional Chinese medical doctors in Beijing. Ms.Zhang is the author of “Earth Qi Gong for Women” and founded a program by the same name. A co-author of two books, “Classical Northern Wu Style Taijiquan”, and”The Whirling Circles of Gaguazhang”, she runs a successful clinic in New York City. She offers workshops and retreats throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, and her unique teaching style greatly benefits practitioners of all levels. After many years of research, study, and practice, Ms. Zhang recently introduced the world to “The Three Treasures”, a practical medical Qigong set, and her book “Earth Qigong for Women”, is now available in Spanish. Welcome to visit her web site at]

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