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Chinese Proverb of Yang Sheng

Nurturing Life and Cultivating Mind by Tina Zhang 养生以养心为主 心不病则神不病 神不病则人不病.    (清·梁文科《集验良方》 An old Chinese proverb say: To nurture one’s life and health, is mainly accomplished by cultivating one’s mind. If the mind is calm and clear, the spirit is … Continue reading

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Proverbs of Yang Sheng

“A famous Ming dynasty physician Zhang Jing Yue’s said: ” The best who know how to cultivate Yang energy will find it in Yin; the best yin energy balance will be dug out from Yang power.” So the winter shouldn’t be the most complained about season, instead it should be recognized that best Yang cultivation is in the most Yin season. What do we do about our winter cultivation?

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