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Welcome to the June issue of Yang Sheng! I recently returned from a journey to the Middle Kingdom and feel recharged and renewed in my interest in healing, both spiritually as well as physically (as soon as my body finishes adjusting to this time zone that is!) As usual we have fine articles, stories, poems and images for your enjoyment. The theme of the last issue, Daoism in the West issue, is one that is very dear to my heart. I have been promoting and sharing the Daoist arts for 19 years now through my magazine, The Empty Vessel. I have received so much inspiration, illumination and healing through the teachings and practices of Daoism, I love to share with others this invaluable treasure!

While I was high in the Wudang mountains, my group and I visited an old Daoist, named Jiaye, or Old Grandfather. He has lived in a cave high above the Purple Heavenly Temple for over 30 years! His only companions is a hive of wild bees that moved into a cupboard in his outdoor kitchen. They constantly swarm all about him while he is cooking or eating but they never sting him. (You can find him on youtube under “Bee Daoist.”)

While we were there a Chinese film crew showed up who are making a documentary for Chinese television on the various Wudang masters, including Jiaye. They were excited to find a group of mei guo ren (Americans) up there and made sure to include us in their footage. I think they liked the idea of the universality of Daoism, where there is room for an old man who lives in a cave and travelers from the other side of the world!

Indeed, the teachings and health practices of Daoism as well as other health practices from the East, work for anyone, Western or Eastern. The wisdom you will find in these pages is indeed a valuable treasure, good medicine for the soul as well as the body!

Solala Towler,
editor in chief

P.S. Thanks to Christina for doing such a good job with the last issue!


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