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From the Editor: March/April 2012

Welcome to the March-April issue of Yang Sheng! The theme this month is “Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.” What does it really mean when our body, mind and spirit are integrated? What supports it? Webster defines integrated “as combining Continue reading

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Simple Natural Healing-Winter Wellness and Self Care

Winter Wellness and Self Care by Aihan Kuhn 爱寒, C.B.D, Dipl., OBT In Chinese healing, the digestive function is very important, because it affects the whole body and overall healing. If the digestive system is not working properly, eventually other … Continue reading

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Book Review-Chinese Medical Qigong English Edition

Introduction to the English Edition of Chinese Medical Qigong Textbook Kevin W Chen, Ph.D.  MPH Chinese Medical Qigong is the third edition of the only official textbook of medical Qigong, Qigong Study in Chinese Medicine (Zhong Yi Qi Gong Xue … Continue reading

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The Key Happiness Researchers

Introduction to the Key Happiness Researchers   Michael Fordyce (http://www.gethappy.net/about.htm) Dr. Michael Fordyce, founder of the now hot field of Happiness-Increase Psychology, is, the psychologist who best understands and has most significantly influenced the field of happiness research.  In 1977, … Continue reading

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From the Editor

Welcome to the June issue of Yang Sheng! I recently returned from a journey to the Middle Kingdom and feel recharged and renewed in my interest in healing, both spiritually as well as physically (as soon as my body finishes … Continue reading

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From the Editor

Welcome to the May issue of Yang Sheng! It is my pleasure to be the guest editor-in-chief this month. Our theme of “Daoism in the West” is very interesting since, comparatively speaking, Daoism is just beginning to become a notable … Continue reading

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