Simple Natural Healing-Winter Wellness and Self Care

Winter Wellness and Self Care

by Aihan Kuhn 爱寒, C.B.D, Dipl., OBT

In Chinese healing, the digestive function is very important, because it affects the whole body and overall healing. If the digestive system is not working properly, eventually other body systems will be negatively affected. In the wintertime and especially during the holiday season, we need to pay careful attention to our digestive system.

Accordingly, our diet should include more root vegetables to support kidney energy. The kidney is an important organ; since it helps raise Yang energy to fight cold weather and strengthens the immune system.

Cooking in a crock-pot is a great idea in the winter. It is even better if you add a little spice, or anything pungent, which helps strengthen the Lung energy.

As the holidays approach, make sure to do daily exercises. This not only promotes proper digestion and maintains immune function, but also provides a daily energy boost. Here are some exercises perfect for everyday practice:

Circle Arms

Feet are at shoulder width apart; shift weight from side to side. At a moderate to fast speed, circle arms backward eight times, then circle arms forward eight times; repeat the above movement several times.  If you prefer, you can circle one arm at a time.

Shoulder Movement

Rotate shoulders backward four times, then rotate shoulders forward four times extending the rotation to the maximum degree of your comfort level. As you are rotating the shoulders, your chest moves too.  If you don’t want to shift your weight, you can just rotate your shoulders, but with shifting your weight, you get multi-dimensional movements.

Wrists Rotation

This is a simple movement. Rotate your wrists one after the other, or rotate your wrists simultaneously. You can move your body at the same time. You can freestyle with your footsteps, like a disco dance, as long as you rotate your wrists at same time.

Reach the Sky, Touch The Earth

Your feet can be either together or separate. Reach high with both hands high while rising onto your toes; then put both hands on the floor while bending knees. You don’t have to touch the floor if you are unable to, and you don’t have to rise onto toes if you are unable.

Hip Rotation

Bend both legs slightly. Rotate your hips clockwise 8 times, then counter clockwise for 8 times. It is a similar motion to using a Hula Hoop, but in slow-motion.

[Dr. Aihan Kuhn was a practicing physician in China before coming to America. A 1982 graduate of Hunan Medical University, she has now been practicing Chinese Medicine in the US.   Dr. Kuhn is the founder of Chinese Medicine for Health in Holliston, Massachusetts, a Master of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, an author of many books;  three of which have been published, “Simple Chinese Medicine”, “True Brain Fitness,” and “Natural Healing with Qi Gong”.   With previous experience as an OB/GYN, Dr. Kuhn is able to combine her western medical knowledge with eastern medical methods, making her healing techniques remarkably effective, while remaining all-natural.   She has extensive knowledge and experience in natural healing with: women’s health, cancer prevention and healing, children’s health, anti-aging education, and more.  For more information about Dr. Kuhn, go to]
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