Proverbs of Yang Sheng

Selected Chinese Proverbs on Yang Sheng



To improve your health —

  • Medicine supplement is not as good as nutrition supplement;
  • Nutrition supplement is not as good as Qi supplement;
  • Qi supplement is not as good as shen (spirit) supplement.



Remain detached and empty-mind,  the genuine Qi flows easily;

Keeping essence-spirits within, no illness could arise…

Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, Plain Questions



Smile a smile and you will look ten years younger.

Worry a worry and you will gain more gray hair.



Human follows the law of the Earth; the Earth follows the law of the universe;

The universe follows the law of the Dao; the Dao follows the law of the nature.

— Lao Zi  “Dao De Jing”


Healing the spirit before healing the sickness

Treating the mind before treating the disease.



When the mind is one inch wider (opener), the sickness will be one foot more reduced.


吹啹呼吸,吐故纳新,熊经鸟伸,为寿而已矣。 此导引之士,养形之人,彭祖寿考者之所好也。

To huff and puff (inhale/exhale), blow out the old and breathe in the new,
do the ‘bear-hang’ and the ‘bird-stretch’ so as to live a long life.
Such are the principles of the Dao-yin practitioners,
the people who nourish their body seeking longevity like Pengzu.

— Zhuang Zi (369—286BC)



Yang Sheng is mainly about nourishing the mind,
When mind is healthy, the Shen (spirit) is healthy,
When Shen is healthy, the body is healthy…



Mouth talks less, mind worries less, stomach holds less, naturally sleep less.  With the four “less” practice the longevity can be achieved.


[Complied and translated by Kevin Chen]

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