From the Editor (05/12)

[From the Editor]

Christina Barea-Young

Greetings!  Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christina Barea-Young and it is my honor to be the new Editor-in-Chief of Yang-Sheng Magazine.  I am truly happy to be a part of this amazing community of health conscious people.  I believe in strength in numbers and right now the world needs a lot of people talking about total wellness.  As Yang-Sheng continues to grow, and with the help of our columnists, that message will expand its reach, giving more and more people the opportunity to experience the freedom and joy of radiant health.

My background includes a great blend of two worlds- very appropriate for this months’ theme of yin-yang. I was born and raised in the Caribbean of a Latin father and American mother. At home we spoke two languages and were comfortable in two cultures. Auspiciously enough, my mother has a PhD in English Literature and thus the importance of proper spelling, grammar and writing were engrained into my work from a very early age. Her influence has served well as I have spent the past 10 years actively writing articles and have published two books all in the area of energetics, qigong and wellness. In addition to writing, I also teach, practice and treat with qigong. Please visit my bio for more information on who I am. But now, let’s return to Yang-Sheng.

Yang-Sheng is a unique publication in a few different ways. For one, it is driven by the columnists who speak from personal experiences and years of training and education. In addition, Yang-Sheng is published simultaneously in 3 different formats: a digital e-magazine with full interactive capacity, a pdf file for downloading, and full content on its blog style website. My goal is to continue to support Kevin Chen in his vision of growing Yang-Sheng into an industry standard professional publication. Throughout the next few months we are looking at creating a solid web presence with better graphics, layout and expanded readership. In addition, we are always looking for donations, investors and people interested in supporting the future of Yang-Sheng. Feel free to contact us!

This edition is dedicated to the energies of Yin & Yang. So much can be said about the exchange of these energies and how they relate to the taiji. Some people refer to them as the dance of polarities, the metaphor of relativity, and the force of opposites. Regardless of the name, much wisdom is contained within. Our contributors this month have expressed it in many ways. I invite you to explore the exchange of light and dark, masculine and feminine.

With much love and many blessings,


Christina Barea-Young

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