From The Editor

[From The Editor]

The winds of Autumn are beginning to shift and move blowing the leaves off trees and sweeping away the debris that Summer has left behind. Earth is slowly contracting and recovering from the heat of Summer, allowing moisture to begin to develop and build. All of these are traits of the Metal element, Autumn Season.

As we head into the quieter energy of Winter, use the energy of Autumn, that of “letting go”, to release anything that no longer serves your highest good. I love this Season as it’s the perfect time to release the old skin before going into the rest of Winter. Letting go and skin are both related to the Metal element which rules the skin, Lungs and Large Intestine.

But this time of year is also perfect for enjoying the outdoors during daylight hours which are now cooler and less draining. Pretty days lead to clear skies at night perfect for star-gazing and sipping the essence of Yin energy.

This issue of Yang-Sheng is about “Happiness”. We believe that at any given time, perfection and the bliss of happiness is right in front of us, all we have to do is be able to clear our minds and see the joy in every moment. Our authors remind us of the beauty of life and how our perspective can affect the way we interact with the world. Fortunately they are also ready to help us achieve that state with excellent methods for achieving a positive outlook on life. The hardest part is simply beginning the practice of inner happiness. Of opening up and allowing the joy to flow from the Heart naturally.

All of at Yang-Sheng wish the very best for you. A natural smile that radiates the perfection of your inner spirit, the freedom to release the old and allow the true-you to shine through. We invite you to remember to smile, laugh and find the passion in everything you do!


Christina J Barea-Young,


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