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From The Editor

[From The Editor] The winds of Autumn are beginning to shift and move blowing the leaves off trees and sweeping away the debris that Summer has left behind. Earth is slowly contracting and recovering from the heat of Summer, allowing … Continue reading

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A Comedy Moment

[Comedy Moment] Driving in India A monk was driving in India when suddenly a dog crossed the road. The car hit and killed the dog. The monk looked around and seeing a temple, went to knock on the door. A … Continue reading

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The Yin-Yang of True Health

[Quantum Healing With Dr. Lu] The Yin-Yang of True Health by Nan Lu, OMD Question: I’ve been working on my health for over six years with natural healing practices, including acupuncture and herbs. It took years for me to start … Continue reading

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The Bioenergetic of Basic Life

[Cultivating the Mind] The Bioenergtic of Basic Life by Tom Rogers, President of Qigong Institute The fundamental principle of Western medical science has been that the basis of life is biological and the combination of biochemistry and molecular biology defines … Continue reading

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Tai Chi and Qigong: Practice of Mindfulness

[Techniques of Better Medicine] Tai Chi and Qigong: Practice of Mindfulness by Brian Knack   There is a saying in Taijiquan (Tai Chi), “We use the body, but we practice the mind”. This is true right from the very start … Continue reading

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