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Can You Be Like Water?

Can You Be Like Water? By Bob McBrien & Vincent Guiterrez Imagine a group of university students signing up for a course that involves three hourly classes each week during the semester learning and practicing qigong and tai chi. It … Continue reading

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The Taiji Examiner – Tai Chi For Pain Relief

The Taiji Examiner Top Pain Management Doctor Recommends Tai Chi For Pain Relief by Violet Li Dr. Daniel Richman is a board-certified anesthesiologist who has specialized in pain management since 1991. Some of the honors he has received include “One … Continue reading

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Real Food Is Good Medicine

[From The Doctor] Real Food Is Good Medicine by Nadia Linda Hole, MD What is real food?  There’s no doubt that the implications of man-made processed foods, GMO Bt foods,  & unnaturally sweetened foods, in our diets;  correlated with the … Continue reading

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The Yin-Yang of True Health

[Quantum Healing With Dr. Lu] The Yin-Yang of True Health by Nan Lu, OMD Question: I’ve been working on my health for over six years with natural healing practices, including acupuncture and herbs. It took years for me to start … Continue reading

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Yang and Yin of the Mind-Body Creation Style

Yin and Yang of Mind-Body Creation Style by Michelle Wood   I’d like to share with you this great quote I discovered recently. I love it so much I’ve even started adding it on the back of my business cards: … Continue reading

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Seasonal Harmony

Later Summer Food As Medicine By Ellasara Kling Following Spring and Early Summer is the “additional” season known as “Late Summer” during which Nature continues its upward and outward energetic flow as plants are now coming into their maturity.  Nature … Continue reading

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China’s Ancient Solution to the Contemporary Crisis in Medicine

[Eastern-Western Perspective] China‘s Ancient Solution to the Contemporary Crisis in Medicine Roger Jahnke, OMD The Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC) Santa Barbara, CA How To Be More Well, Reduce Medical Costs & Help Pay Off the National … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Sex as Medicine in China

Healing Through Pleasure A Brief History of Sex as Medicine in China By  Dr. Felice Dunas The boudoirs of ancient China were laboratories of sorts, where scholars, physicians, philosophers, royalty and nobility performed a vast amount of research on sex. … Continue reading

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