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From The Doctor


Any intelligent fool can make things bigger & more complex…

It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage, to move in the opposite direction

 ~Albert Einstein

“If the door shuts, do not go away. Be patient, even if every possibility seems closed.

The friend has secret ways known to no one else ~Rumi

 The best way to predict the future is to create it ~ Harry Uhane Jim, Wise Secrets of Aloha

Until further notice, celebrate everything .

~ Nick Good, Amazing Grace


Aloha.  Hello 2013.  So long 2012.  The Shift has come! Happy Qi! Happy Spring! Now what?

2012:  As I sat on a moonlit rock in the middle of the Pacific, listening to the songs of ocean waves, & pondering what to write, for Yang-Sheng’s last issue of 2012, tsunami sirens & loudspeakers rudely interrupt, relentlessly ordering immediate evacuation. 

2013:  As I sit on a sunlit rock, by the sacred waters of our dolphin friends, pondering what to write for Yang-Sheng’s 1st issue of 2013, I get news that one of our QiGong students, a young man with his whole life ahead of him, has passed to another realm, never to return from an afternoon swim.

Here today, gone tomorrow. Here yesterday, gone today. NOW what? (Joyeux Noel, Jan 2012 Yang-Sheng)

Holy Shift! (Holy Shift, Dec 2011 Yang-Sheng) We happen to live, here on a rock named Hawaii, by a live volcano. Pele’s red glow is often visible from our lava back yard.  Her lessons are wordless.

2012 was a “Pele” year for many. In our practice, people came daily with stories of how their lives, relationships, finances & more, were no more, in the red hot glow of Pele’s path, often overnight never to be the same again.

While Pele seemingly destroys whatever’s in her way, she’s continually giving Birth to new earth.  Her flow comes & goes, out of our human control. Whenever there’s an obstacle, Pele simply goes around, or rises higher, unstoppable.

Perhaps 2013 is about the Birthing of something far bigger than just another New Year. Grandmaster Dr Effie Chow, shares with masters from around the world, how this Shift, is a Birthing process, for Mother Earth, for ourselves, & for our collective consciousness. (  For this Shift, Love, of course, is the most powerful healer of all.

Holy Shift, & Happy Qi! (Happy Qi, Sept/Oct 2012 Yang-Sheng)  Cheers to new challenges, changes, & opportunities!  Is it an OMG (oh my God!)  time for you?  Trust you’re not alone.  With the Shift upon us, I had this year, more than our usual, SOS holiday crisis calls, from families crack ups, to near death scares.   hole pic 1

One young man, whom we’ll call Ray, stands out.  Known in the community for his gentle spirit, he unbuckled his seat belt, as a passenger in the backseat of a truck, to make room for another passenger.  At that moment, the truck swerved, rolled off the road, & threw his body half out. He was left partially paralyzed with a fracture across his skull, 9 fractured ribs, & pain with every breath.

Barely over two weeks later, Ray was walking, smiling, & quietly caring for his own basic needs. He graced our community’s Dec 21, 2012 celebration, with his glowing presence.  How do people, like Ray, no matter what their circumstances, somehow keep glowing?

Coming to know Ray, has been awe inspiring, & at the same time humbling – to witness how he came to so embody, the wisdom of our Aunties, Uncles, kumu’s, & “masters”:

1-Practice Ho’oponopono: With self respect, take full responsibility for every aspect of your life.  Trust that every challenge, every experience, every feeling, every so called “accident” is for your own “cleaning”… for the higher good of all.  Meet each & every moment, no matter what, with “I love you,”  “I’m sorry,”  “Thank You,” & more Love

2-Be Present, in Gratitude:  Regardless of your past or future stories, regardless of how comfortable or uncomfortable you may feel, be as fully present as possible, in gratitude, to whatever’s unfolding, each breath, every breath, this moment, each moment, as a possible blessing in disguise.

3-Breathe Aloha:  Make every breath, a conscious breath, of Aloha, as a way of life. The root words of the Aloha are “Alo”- presence, be with, share; “Oha”- love, affection, joy, thrive; & “Ha” – breath of life. “A” also means to burn, sparkle, or shine. Some kahuna’s teach that the breath of Aloha is more powerful than any drug.  In our practice, we find that it’s also one of the simplest & most effective tools for dissolving pain.  (Heart Qi, Mar/April 2012, Yang-Sheng)

4-Be true to yourself:  Use this sacred breath as a way to come know yourself, align with your maker, live your higher purpose,  &  be One with “universal Qi.”   Was powerful to watch Ray transmute his pains, both inner & outer, via the Breath, into a presence of Aloha, no one could deny.

5-Connect, Connect, Connect:  with your Ohana, your “tribe,” Mother Nature, & Yourself.  Gather – sing, dance, talk story, eat, & pray together. Studies document that friendship, relationship, connectivity, & Happiness; have a greater impact on health & success, than age, education, ethnicity, gender, or wealth!  Ray’s ohana absolutely loves him. Who wouldn’t? (Real Food, July/Aug 2012 Yang-Sheng)

6-Make Love & Dream BIG: Dream a bigger story than yours, one that makes you trulyopen arms Happy,  fueled by Aloha. With compassion, make every breath making Love, or Aloha.  Love births creation. 2013 is the time to live for your big dreams, & simply trust the birthing process. Ray’s dream was simply to dance again, ASAP.

7-Good Tidings for ALL:  Dr Chow teaches how vital it is for us to focus on, & share good news. We can demonstrate via kinesiology, how focusing on the positive, not only effects your own energy, but the energy of ALL those around you as well, as we’re all One – one heart, one love, one BIG dream.

So Yes – We wept over the loss of our Qi bro.  One door shuts.  Another opens. What are the blessings in disguise?  What is it time to say YES to?  

Our late Qi bro loved dancing, & good news is that Ray got a chance to dance last night! The BIG good news; however here in Hawaii, besides this year’s bumper crop of coffee after years of devastating droughts & coffee beetles, is that our BEES are coming back!  Our beekeeper friend’s hives have grown from one to over 70, in months, “The bees have figured it out for themselves. There’s nothing we have to do.”

Wait! There’s nothing we have to do?!! Does that Daoist stuff really work?  Remembering my labor pains, home birthing my 4 children – The more deeply I relaxed, let go triggers as they came up about the past or future, trusted the love & support of those around me;  & simply did my best to stay in the present moment, focused on each breath, doing nothing – there was amazingly no pain … contractions Yes, pain No.  

No one questions that we’re being measurably affected by solar, heaven, & earth changes. (Yin Yang of Solar Flares, May/June 2012, Yang-Sheng) On some level, we’re all being “rewired” for Birth.  For many, what we used to know worked, works no longer. As a physician, I’m accustomed to attending continuing medical education courses, full of evidence based studies, required to scientifically document the efficacy of new treatments & protocols. mother earth

My surfer friends would laugh. The Shift has come. The waves are coming in, & keep coming. Is this a time for more books, courses or studies?   Time to ride the wave, NOW, or … 

Ray didn’t have the time, luxury, or means, to spend $ thousands on training &/or treatments.  In an innocent instant, his life was changed forever. With the simple love & universal wisdom, of ordinary Aunties, Uncles, & his community, Ray’s becoming a “master.” By his very presence, Ray affects those around him.

Unlike Ray, with all my Ivy League degrees, awards, certifications, etc; I must confess that my life isn’t exactly where I expected it to be, & I’m not quite sure exactly where I’m going, the way I used to be. In contrast, Ray simply wanted to dance, & he has what some would call a miracle.  Angels must be laughing.

Thanks to “ordinary” people like Ray, Aunties, Uncles, Pele, & my children, as my extra-ordinary teachers – I’m learning to trust the tsunami sirens, inescapable losses, tears & fears, as part of the Birthing process – yours, mine, ours.   For proud mothers & fathers, their babies are always born beautiful.

 A longtime family friend, an obstetrician, with the demeanor of the Laughing Buddha, used to say “No matter the labor pains, no matter anyone’s plans, nothing can stop a baby ready to be born!”

Here in largely off grid rural Hawaii, where jobs are a laugh, & “hardship” welfare food stamps the norm, I’m grateful to discover people like Ray, who, when the rubber hits the road, choose to live the “prime directive” of Aloha, that no matter what, to “consciously manifest life joyously in the present,” & birth that mysterious, contagious, glow, of wordless peace & joy, again & again & again

So long 2012. Hello 2013.  Back to Now – In the words of Angel QiGong, Nick Good, & spirit of Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, it’s time to “Get your … together! Love more, think less. Breath more, think less. Vison more, think less. Time to love like you have never loved before.” 

Mahalo Ray. Mahalo angels. Happy Birth to all, & Blessed Be.


RE: “Heart Qi & the Heart of Healing: Qigong for the Prevention & Treatment of Cardiac Disease,” Cardiac Illness – Integrative Treatment & Prevention, Edited by Frishman MD, Weintraub MD, & Micozzi MD, 2004


Dr. Nadia Linda HoleNadia Linda Hole MD is a Qigong practitioner, teacher, & pioneer, with degrees from Princeton, Duke, & Oneness Universities. She has served on the faculties of the American Holistic Medical Association, American Academy of  Pain Management, & World Congress on QiGong; as a contributing author of chapters on Qigong & KHT Koryo Hand .  Therapy, for Pain Management, Neurology, & Cardiology, complementary medicine textbooks; as consulting editor for landmark textbook, Chinese Medical Qigong; & is presently co-founder of a Free Distance Healing Qi Project. Besides dancing, dolphins, healing in the way of Love; & the practical science of “miracles,” Dr Hole’s passion is bringing a more heart centered, Qi approach, to medicine.



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