From The Editor

From The Editor

Christina BareaYang-Sheng magazine is growing by leaps and bounds. This is our second issue published bilingual in English and Chinese on printed paper. The first issue was a resounding success and we received abundant positive feedback from you:  our readers and authors. Xie xie!

With healthcare costs skyrocketing, more and more people are interested in finding effective and inexpensive methods for staying healthy, taking into their own hands the important issue of whole body wellness. Thus, reliable resources like Yang-Sheng take on an important role in disseminating quality information to the general public. We encourage you to share this magazine with friends, colleagues and anyone else who may be interested in Life Nurturing techniques.   In this issue, Dr. Jahnke discusses this growing trend, how qigong and Taichi are effectively resolving disease and the increasing cross-over between Eastern and Western medicine; Dr. Hole offers us a new beginning with her article on Aloha; Dr. Kohn gives new insight into the Daoist classis the Zhuangzi; and our regular contributors provide mouthwatering recipes, practice tips and much more.  The theme for this issue is “New Beginnings” appropriately titled as it coincides with Chinese New Year. 2013 is the year of the Water Snake- which symbolizes the adaptability of water combined with the bite of a snake. It means abundance is at your disposal, but move and act with caution. 

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Christina J Barea-Young,

– Editor-in-Chief –


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