[From the Editor]

[From the Editor]

Harmony With Nature

by Michelle Wood, Editor in Chief

Welcome to the August/September issue of Yang Sheng Magazine!

As always, our columnists have provided many excellent articles with very diverse perspectives on the theme. This month our theme is Harmony With Nature.

Our feature article by Rene Navarro explains why it is not only beneficial but imperative that we live a lifestyle that is harmonious with nature. He also offers practices that are deceptively simple but easy methods when you approach them with sincerity and intention and dedication.

Sharon Montes offers great information on biorhythms and ways to be in harmony with lunar phases and solar seasons. environment, and even with ourselves.

In separate articles, Eric Borreson, Rodney Owens, and  Bob McBrien with his student Vincent Guiterrez, demonstrate the different ways that harmony may be achieved through practices like meditation and taiji and qigong. There truly is something for everyone when it comes to achieving a state of relaxation and inner peace.

For you science-minded readers, we offer Publisher Kevin Chen’s compilation of research updates showing the benefits and efficacy rates of practices like meditation, taiji, qigong, and yoga. Dr Marty Eisen writes this month about the energy channels in the body known as The Collaterals. Matt Banks writes about harmony from the perspective of the differences and the similarities between Eastern and Western medicine and culture.

And finally, the favorite topic of many people I know (maybe you, too!), Shiuan Gee and Ellasara King offer information on our harmonious relationship with food!

I invite you to relax with a cup of tea, or a glass of your favorite beverage, and enjoy this issue of Yang Sheng (Nurturing Life) Magazine.

Many Blessings!


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