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From You Wei to Wu Wei

From the Master From You Wei to Wu Wei by Chun Man Sit Wu Wei 无为 Wu wei is a Daoism term. It can be translated as non-doing. Even though wu wei is not as glamourous as enlightenment, a word … Continue reading

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From the Master

Tai Chi chuan is an ancient martial art from China. Like any other martial arts in the world, it’s about using our bodies in motion through space and time. Since we are using our physical bodies in action, we must follow the physic laws of motion. No matter how skillful a Tai Chi master might look, we can use Newton’s three laws of motion, plus the law of gravity to explain his power and action. There is no mystery once we know the truth. By applying these three laws of motion plus the law of gravity, we can gain a better understanding of Taiji principles.

Tai Chi classics did not apply western physics because the masters who wrote them didn’t know physics. They wrote these classics before Newton’s laws of motion were… Continue reading

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From the Master

These are the qualifications of a grandmaster. Nowadays, we have a prolific amount of grandmasters showing up in magazines and seminar ads. Most tai chi teachers coming from China to teach seminars are labeled as grandmasters. Anybody with the correct last name automatically becomes a grandmaster. Surely, anyone born into the house of a grandmaster has a certain advantages, such as early tuition from a great master and inside secrets. However, a grandmaster is… Continue reading

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