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Qigong Bigu or Fasting: Your Best Investment in Health and Long-Term Wellness

Although the pandemic of COVID-19 is officially over for now, the outbreak is still alive around the world, and around the corner. We are not sure what caused the pandemic in the first place, or when it may come back. … Continue reading

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Inspirational Instructions on Internal Cultivation from Sun Bu-Er

[Learn About Dao] Inspirational Instructions on Internal Cultivation from Sun Bu-Er, Taoist Adept of the Complete Reality School By Jill Gonet  A Brief Overview of Attainments in the Art of Cultivation This article is excerpted from the author’s newly released volume, … Continue reading

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What is Yin–Yang?

[Featured Article] by Casey Kochmer A starting definition: The nature of change, balanced as two halves of a whole. Yin and Yang is perhaps the most known and documented concept used within Taoism. Yin and Yang is the concept of duality … Continue reading

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Daily Daoist – Tai Chi: Got Gong

[Daily Daoist] Tai Chi: Got Gong? Jessice Sommar, MSc Tai chi is like any art, sport or devotion – the more you do it, the more you build up what the Chinese call ‘gong’ or ‘benefit from work.’ We don’t … Continue reading

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Hearing of An Immortal

[Tales from the Dao] Hearing of An Immortal (An Excerpt From The Zhuangzi) Submitted by Solala Towler   Daoist texts are full of stories about Immortals. They are said to live for hundreds of years. They are magical beings, able … Continue reading

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The Yin-Yang Sword: Weapon of Immortals

The Yin-Yang Sword: Weapon of Immortals by Christina Barea-Young The Chinese have long had a fascination for exquisite weaponry, including swords of the finest craftsmanship. So it’s no surprise that Daoists would develop a metaphorical equivalent for use in ritual … Continue reading

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Daoist “Sitting & Foprgetting” and the Christian “Cloud of the Unknown”

Daoist “Sitting and Forgetting” and the Christian “The Cloud of the Unknown” by Shifu Michael Rinaldini (Linchangdao) In January of 2012, I returned to the solitude and silence of the Sky Farm Hermitage in Sonoma County, California. This Catholic hermitage … Continue reading

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Seasonal Harmony – What’s Your Food’s Nature?

[Seasonal Harmony] By Ellasara Kling Last issue we talked a little bit about the flavors of foods and some of the effects that those flavors have on the function of the various organ systems. Also based on Five Element Theory … Continue reading

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Daoist Yang-Sheng: Preserving Life At All Costs

Experience Exchange Daoist Yang-Sheng: Preserving Life At All Costs by Neil Kingham Last year I was lucky enough to be able to spend the day at a series of conferences and workshops entitled ‘The Embodiment of the Dao: Daoist Yangsheng … Continue reading

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Tales from the Dao-Looking Up

Looking Up by Solala Towler My personal practice these days consists, in a large part, in something I call Looking Up. By Looking Up I mean, number one, to physically look up. It is amazing how often we travel down … Continue reading

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