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Illuminating the Dao 悟道 — When Less Is More

[Illuminating the Dao 悟道]  When Less Is More by Michelle Wood (First published in Qi Dao Newsletter September 25, 2009)  I had the great pleasure of attending a birthday party a few weeks ago. The guest of honor was my … Continue reading

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20 Habits That Will Make You Happy…

[Featured Article] Harvard Research Reveals 20 Habits That Will Make You Happy, Guaranteed!  By Jing Jin    Have you ever wondered why some people seem happier than others? And why you’re not as happy as you’d like to be? Perhaps … Continue reading

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Happy Body — Do In

[Method of Self-Healing 自愈法 ] Happy Body — Do-In by Lilian Kluivers Do-In, a form of Dao Yin that is further developed in Japan, is a system of exercises that promotes our energy flow. Do-In combines meridian stretching with meditative … Continue reading

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From the Editor (June 2014)

[From the Editor] Get Happy! By Michelle Wood Welcome to the Happiness issue of Yang Sheng Magazine! It’s full-bloom summertime here in the northern hemisphere, and these longer days certainly contribute to our overall happiness, not to mention getting out … Continue reading

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Chinese Wisdom – Chinese Wisdom for Yang Sheng

[Chinese Wisdom] Chinese Wisdom for Yang Sheng Helen Hu, OMD 1. Keep silent in order for Nourishing Qi, closing eyes to restore blood, sleeping early to rejuvenate essence and keeping inner peace to raise spirit. 2. Fame seeking injures the … Continue reading

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Mind-Body Medicine Research Update

[Research Update] Mind-Body Medicine Research Update compiled by Dr. Kevin Chen, Ph. D.   The Evolution of Mindfulness-Based Physical Interventions in Breast Cancer Survivors. Evidence Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine. 2012:758641.  By Stan DL, Collins NM, Olsen MM, Croghan I, … Continue reading

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Nurturing the mind — 10 Tips to become happier

[Nurturing the Mind] Ten Tips to Become Happier from Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar — An Introduction to Positive Psychology Kevin W Chen, Ph.D. MPH Have you ever wished that, instead of learning about history or the speed of light in school, … Continue reading

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Featured Article – The Happiness Inventory

[Featured Article] The Happiness Inventory by Ginger Garner, MPT, ATC, PYT Are you happy?   The Pursuit of Happiness in today’s hyperactive, super-stimulated, and over-medicated society seems to be subtitled with the phrase “Immediate Gratification” or “If it feels good do … Continue reading

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Happiness in Your Life – On Changes

by Doe Zantamata When we’re young, everything is new. We’ve tried no foods before. We’ve played no games yet, we’ve made no friends. New things and experiences are a part of our daily lives, and we welcome them with excitement … Continue reading

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Seasonal Harmony – What’s Your Food’s Nature?

[Seasonal Harmony] By Ellasara Kling Last issue we talked a little bit about the flavors of foods and some of the effects that those flavors have on the function of the various organ systems. Also based on Five Element Theory … Continue reading

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